Monday, March 31, 2014


Take a look at the Kansas City po-po hiring more security.

Security Guard Wanted For KCPD Building: An opening for the position of Security Guard is available within the Building Operations Unit.

The pay is pretty good but even KCPD note the curious security request from our police force:

@KCpolice: Yes, we realize hiring a security guard is ironic, but it's necessary for security of public, victims, evidence & more at HQ.

Totally makes sense given that many police building are in sketchy parts of town where not even cops want to live . . . Also, as we approach Spring/Summer it's important to remember that local meth addicts will lift ANYTHING that's not nailed down so more police precaution is appropriate and offers a guide for Kansas City residents.


Anonymous said...

Good for the police for noting the irony, hard to get around this joke.

Freddie McGriff, crime dog said...

This motherfucker is available. Became an Atlanta legend tasing young Mandingo's into grand map seizures.

A real superhero that would relegate our fair Alonzo a mere skid mark in this town's history.

Darren Long, his curriculum vitae is all over the you tubes.

Anonymous said...

Make that "Grand Mal" seizures, not that you knuckleheads know the difference.

Anonymous said...

What are they saying? A police officer can not be trusted to protect the cities assets?