Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Rhian Sugden And Ten Kansas City Links

Rhian Sugden starts this evening links in Kansas City tonight . . .

- Kansas City Crash And Anger: Two injured in road rage hit-and-run

- Show-Me Search For Justice: Craig Michael Wood preliminary hearing set for Wednesday, April 2

- Sunflower State Booze news: Kansas lawmakers consider loosening liquor laws

- Baby Killing Delay: Mo. House approves longer abortion waiting period

- Cruel Jackson County Cabin Fever: Recent spike in child-abuse cases may be linked to weather

- Snail Mail Scare: Feds accuse man high on PCP of robbing mail carrier

- Shawnee Nasty Reax: Push to change sex ed in Kansas

- Crossroads Blaze Redux: Jack Stack restaurant in Freight House district catches fire

- More Footwear Competition: Local small business makes positive affirming socks

- Jared Pitches Subs To Student Fatties: Subway spokesman tells KC students about healthy eating, exercise

OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

First day of Lent...only 1 mudshark murder...success

Anonymous said...

You're gross. Please delete the Polar Bear TKC. Nobody would miss his stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Fuck You 11:01

KC LOSER said...

Thanks for the links but I only read this blog for the TIIIIITS!

Anonymous said...

That's mean and I don't like it.

Anonymous said...

Well then Fuck You as well 12:56