Monday, March 24, 2014

Old School Kansas City Grand Avenue Station

Check out this interesting bit of old school Kansas City rail transit history from the Paris Of The Plains blog as local voters are now on track to repeat our failures amid upcoming elections: "Before there was a Union Station there was a ravine and a stream called OK Creek and tracks belonging to the Kansas City Belt Railway. Trains of three railroads – the Rock Island, the Milwaukee Road and the Santa Fe – ran on those tracks and stopped at a lovely four-story brick depot with a graceful roof topped by a wooden cupola at the edge of Grand Avenue. Or rather, just below and just east of the Grand Avenue Viaduct."


MDLQ said...

The Corrigan Bros. were hired to level and clean up the OK Creek.
They also owned The Metropolitan Railroad Co., one of the first horse drawn streetcar lines in KC. The Corrigan Bldg. at 19th and Walnut is named for Thomas Corrigan.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article/pics.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Walking tracks is rough.
Tuff ol dude.