Thursday, March 20, 2014

NYT: Tragic Kansas City Deportation Story

Human interest documentation of the consequences of cruel and unsustainable public policy. New York Times: Paying Price, 16 Years Later, for an Illegal Entry


Anonymous said...

Boo F'ing Hoo! Very familiar with this story. What he did was wrong! Don't feel a bit sorry for him, however do feel sorry for the family. You want legalization, then you need to realize that you can't commit crimes in this great country we call the U.S.A..........

Anonymous said...

Yeah, real heart-wrenching. Illegal is illegal. Him and others like him are sucking away our country's resources, but we are supposed to feel sorry for him?

Come on media, do your job and tell the TRUTH about what illegal immigration is doing to this country.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what Mexico does to say an American if they catch them there illegally?

Anonymous said...

remember when we used to have union electricians who were able to make 60-70k a year on their skilled labor?

remember when we had licensed and bonded plumbers?

Cry me a river. You broke the law. Twice.

But don't despair liberals: he will just run back over again because he let his beautiful homeland turn into a hell hole of death and poverty.

By the time he hires a Coyote to get over to South Padre and takes the Conejo to SW Blvd he should be ready to take all sorts of skilled labor jobs this hot summer.

By the way, employment rate sits at 9% and at nearly 15% for skilled laborers.