Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Naked News And Kansas City Links Tonight!!!

We realize that Naked News is probably the best Internets operation out there right now or at least the most enlightening . . . And here are the Kansas City mainstream media links worth checking tonight . . .

- Tracking Down More Kansas City Gunfire: Police investigating if 2 shootings on interstate are related

- Golden Ghetto Destruction: Vandalism to Gamblin Park has police on lookout

- Unicorns And Magical Rainbows Are Nice Too: Landing the 2016 GOP convention would offer KC a chance to shine and reap

- Cowtown Pop Culture Sensation: Happy dance craze comes to Kansas City

- Golden Ghetto Trash Can Man: Man with disability fights trash can citation

- Human Interest MUST SEE: Diagnosis isn't stopping KC 'karate kid'

- Local Legacy: Remembering Sam Lacey, Part Of Kansas City's First NBA Team

One more OPEN THREAD right now . . .


Anonymous said...

My God, Shannon O'Brien
on kctv (I think) has some enormous cans ..sweet lord.
I'd never even seen her before, till the other day
Is she new?
And what the hell happened to that ultra hottie on fox 4? Already forgot her name, but good God!! She was delicious. Little petite gal,dark hair.can't place her name, weird.
Jeeezuz she was one hot mother scratcher.

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Anonymous said...

9:01 Can I bring my black friends? I have many.
Me and my white pals would call you wiggers.
Grow up and we won't tell Mommy you were on her tablet.

Anonymous said...

There's not enough money for naked news because of the streetcar boondoggle toy train boondoggle. You can only do one thing. Save our retarded bro-ish infotainment. STOP THE HIPSTER TRAIN TO BOONFOGG!!!!