Sunday, March 09, 2014


Uncommon Courage offers some sage wisdom for Sunday.

This advice from one of our VERY FAVORITE KANSAS CITY BLOGGERS is worth a look because it comes from a very successful person who has accomplished quite a bit on her own.

Check it:

Uncommon Courage: The Work/Family Balance; You Can Have It "All"

Lots of great stuff here but this passage stood out:

"One other issue, balancing family and career is not a "woman's issue." It is both a men's and women's issue. Everyone needs to think about the balance. Men are struggling with the same issues and if this is a parents' issue, men are parents, too."

Certainly something to think about as we think about attempting to do better this week while still making time for video games, coffee and other blogger staples.


Anonymous said...

How about a 15 hour workweek and a living wage?

Anonymous said...

You can only have how ever much one can afford.

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Ms. Bratcher.

Carl, Mission Hills said...

What was wrong with the lifestyle of women being mothers at home and dad going to work and making a living? I grew up in that lifestyle as did 99% of my school friends. By the way I went to public schools same as most other people do. Far as I know we are all productive people in the working world some living better than others but that’s how it is in life. I look at kids today, many the products of single families who can never be good parents because they never had good parents. I'm sorry but you can't make me believe that kids left to themselves, to raise themselves, a majority of the time is healthy. Look at the kids all over the Plaza causing the trouble we have all identified as being due to a lack of proper parenting and the same lack of parenting is slowly eating into other races as well. I'm all for women wanting a career but one has to which decide career they want? Being a proper housewife is a career all of its own if it involves raising kids. We are losing the family lifestyle this country was built upon and because of that we are losing many other things because people are so set with the own personal agendas and don't pay any attention to what is really happening here. I call it the dumbing of America.
I am sure many women will be unhappy with this but I say to you, prove me wrong. Show me the facts that say kids today are better educated than kids 50 years ago? So me the facts that says single parenting raises better kids? Show me the facts that says having both parents working and gone from the house 50 to 60 plus hours of the week makes for better families?

Anonymous said...

Not everyone has it as easy as you make it sound lady. We can't all just up a quit working for the rats and still pay the bills. Sometimes you say so many things that make sense then you slobber crap like this out. FYI I gave up working and my kids improved in attitude, grades and over all health in a few short months. Sure husband and I gave up a lot but for the family as a whole was worth it.

Miss Sweetie Pie said...

Mr. Tony,
Jesus Freaking Christ! Are we still having this discussion? Go to work, stay home? That is your parent choice based on sound decisions for ANY DAMN PARENT.

Oh, excuse me.

Of course this is not a "Women's" issue. This is a parenting issue. There are NO Women's Issues. Which makes that Women's Political Caucus stupid.

I say if dad or mom ends up staying home raising the kiddies SO BE IT. If dad and mom go to work, fine. They have bills to pay and kids to raise. Unless YOU are contributing to the household STFU.

As for tots running rampant through the suburbs, don't blame the work force. Blame incompetent parents of any stripe.

I too grew up with the majority of 2 parent- 1 worker family. Dad worked nearly year round until the plant closed down for yearly upgrades. He was layed off during the winter months, mom then went to work to put food on the table and keep us in catholic schools. Far as I know none of my siblings are unmasked mass murderers, robbers or serial philanderers.

Gee, Wally, I am praying for you this first week of Lent.

Lordy, I need another cup of coffee.

Carlos Marx said...

There is nothing here to see folks just the end of Western Civilization.

Just move on.

We cannot have families if we are to achieve a socialist utopia.

Nothing here to see.

Anonymous said...

Good advice that most should try to follow. You get what you ask for in this life and most people don't dare to ask for much.