Monday, March 31, 2014


Here's a preview of an election that will be decided by less than 20% of local registered voters.

April 8 Election Information

City of Kansas City, Mo. voters will decide several City related issues during the April 8 election. Question 1 involves Water Services, Question 2 seeks approval of a hotel fee for the purpose of protecting public health and safety, while Questions 3, 4 and 5 propose changes to the City Charter.

Now . . .


Here's how most voters who aren't taking orders from their PAC owners might see it:

Question 1: Do You Want Kansas City To Sink Into More Water Bond Debt By $500 MILLION???

Question 2: Should We Make Hotel Prices Even Higher With More Regulation Fees???

Question 3: Is Time To Move Out Of The Pendergast Era And Eliminate The Winter Voter Freeze-out Election Dates???

Question 4: Should We Make The Democratic Process More Confusing And Change The Embarrassing "Emergency" Ordinance Tag That Reveals Mayor And City Council Screwed Up Priorities???

Question 5: Do We Need A Kansas City Health Commission For Mayor Sly's Friends, Medial Industrial Complex Shills And A Few Political Lackeys???

These are all important questions that will be decided by a small sub-set of Kansas City residents with votes that are mostly bought and sold by local consultants.

Developing . . .


Cheer up KC! said...

Don't be so cynical. We could get 21% turnout if the weather is nice.

Anonymous said...

What does community paper cartoonist Bryan stadler think abt these issues?

What about the Libertarians of Convenience, Brookside Chapter (membership: 7 upper class white men over 45)?

Did they "authorize" this ballot or will b-stad have to "kill it" with his civic gravitas and power player conexionzzzz?

*hipster libtards boondoggle renters boondoggle hipster coffee shop majority

Anonymous said...

The current election dates in the winter and with only 28 days between primary and general were put in by the wealthy elite. Money plays a much bigger role with current set up. Especially if you run at large you have to go hat in hand to the Heavies, Civic Council and the Chamber folks.
Grass roots campaigning gets a big boost if the dates are changed.
Plus the election boards admitted that getting ballots to our military serving overseas is nearly impossible with only 28 days between primary and general. Soonest they can print ballots leaves them less than 2 weeks to send and receive back by election day.
System that was designed by insiders needs to go !

Hyperblogal said...

Water Services: No audit, no yes vote.

Anonymous said...

Water Services: Vote NO. Our water rates have quadrupled over the last five years. With no explanation. Like 9:58 said, no audit, no more money authorized for Water Services.

Anonymous said...

Question 6 Would you like me to use lube?

Anonymous said...

If you don't KNOW, vote NO!
If you don't KNOW, vote NO!
Stop the insanity at city hall.