Sunday, March 16, 2014

Making Kansas City Better/Best

One of many important insights today from Alonzo Washington: "Kansas City could be a better place if we fought the racism of this city. People of different races only unite @ parties, concerts & in bed."


Anonymous said...

That last sentence was incredibly stupid, even for a nigger. How very, very lame this coon is.

da' man said...

Honestly, Ton, I think you're the only person who listens or pays attention to Alonzo.

Time and again, I can't understand why you do.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who tweets 60 times a day is deranged.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Washington never understands that if he wants something to change, he should begin with his own attitude first!

Instead of setting a positive example, he's CONSTANTLY criticizing everyone else and complaining about their efforts to make improvements.

When was the last time he spoke/wrote positively about another person? As a father of a large family you'd think he would know that praise and encouragement go a lot further than criticism and negativity.