Friday, March 07, 2014

Lucy Collett & The Kansas City Morning Look

Lucy Collett and her IMPRESSIVELY CURVY GINGER HOTNESS have sent us on a mission to compile the most important mainstream media links we could find this Friday morning.

Take look:

- Kansas City Foodie Suggestions: City Hall announces Grade A Food Safety Excellence Award recipients

- Downtown Skyline Deal: One KC Place has new financing, leasing agency

- Missing You In Kansas City: Families of missing women want closure, and dogged investigator looks for answers

- Show-Me Gouging: Gas prices rise in Missouri, just ahead of spring breaks

- City Council Debates Imaginary Consequences Of Booze Blast Legislation: Vote leaves KC ordinance regarding drunken gun carriers unenforceable

- Gunfire Meet & Greet: KC police release suspected shooter in homicide

- The Unfriendly Skies Of Flyover Country: American Airlines Flight 4222 from Chicago’s O’Hare airport to Kansas City International Airport needed emergency assistance just after 10 p.m. Thursday night after crews called in that a suitcase did not match up with a passenger. . . . Update: ‘Mad guy said something stupid’ and forced evacuation at KCI Thursday night

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- Dead Tree Strategy Useless Online Too: Fruitless marketing makes business manager see red over Yellow Pages contract

- Competition For Local Nerds: Super spellers are all set for overtime showdown

- Boozy Follow-Up Across The State Line: Homebrewers may get a boost from bill that would expand their beer base

- Kansas City Party Time According To KCUR: The Weekend To-Do List, March 7-9, 2014

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Anonymous said...

Can't posses a firearm while intoxicated in Missouri. Loaded or unloaded! Class D felony.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. They repealed that law more than two years ago.

Anonymous said...

It now reads that you can just can't act negligently. LOTS of leeway.

Welcome to the Red State.

Anonymous said...

Try it! Bring lots of money ! Dare ya. YOU will be arrested and charged! Prove yourself.. not guilty!!

What the law says and what you have to prove is a big, big difference!

Anonymous said...

"KC police release suspected shooter in homicide"

See, it's a "catch and release" program for Kansas City niggers. You must set them free almost immediately, otherwise you will be a dreaded racist.

Anonymous said...

No fat chicks.

Anonymous said...

Like you don't know fat!!!

Anonymous said...

There's a connection between fat and happiness.

Anonymous said...

She's airing it out.

Ricky said...

I love Lucy