Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hipsters Vs. Westboro And Kansas City Listens To Lorde

Just like we reported earlier in the week . . . Friday night in Kansas City there was a culture clash over the work of a one hit wonder.


Fox4: Lorde concert attracts protesters from opposite ends of spectrum

Newspaper: A fervent crowd at the Midland gives Lorde a heroine's welcome

KSHB: Westboro Baptist Church protests Lorde concert

The "Sorry for your loss" banner was a nice touch.

Better still . . .

Here's Bruce doing a better version of the song inspired by the Kansas City Royals.


chuck said...

I wonder if Bruce is ever going to go to South Africa to protest the genocide there like he protested apartheid?


That would take courage and an aknowledgement of the abject failure of the corrupt ANC and the deteriorrating disaster that is now South Africa.

Hey Bruce, go fuck yourself you piece of shit.

Fuck Bono too. RuePaul called, he wants his shades back.

Bishop Desmond Tu-Tu said...


Byron Funkhouser said...

There is not genocide in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Genocide would be fantastic if you would attach your pie hole mouth to a exhaust pipe Byron. Loser douche bag.

P Bear said...

Hipsters are much like a pimple on your ass. Annoying and full of puss.

Fuck a cleb said...

Chuck, you dead on the money. Ass clowns like Springsteen and Bono never have the balls to own up of epic mistakes. They just move to the next "hipster cause". Self promoting douche bag "celebs" make me want to fart. American hero worship of fucks like those two are a big part of the do nothing, know nothing, hipster crowd. Basement dwelling losers. They are much like the old fuck Byron, just a drain on society.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Did you think the transformation of an entire society would be clean & neat? Its like saying we need a revolution, but we don't want anyone to get hurt.

Ilana Mercer said...

Sure Byron. If you just say it out loud, or type it, it will be true.

750,000 whites have left South Africa and 5,000 more have been murdered just on the farms.

Read my book you dolt. I was a liberal who marched against Apartheid and helped bring Saint Mandela into office. What a mistake. Here is the truth.

"Into The Cannibal's Pot"

Buy it, read it, then maybe run your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but the sheep shagging/racist/family hating/welfare fraud/hates working for a living child molester from WV knows it all and his excuse to not read it is he’s blind.

Anonymous said...

I never head of Lorde until I saw the protest on the news last night. You can't buy publicity like that. If I were managing an act, I would pay the Westboro Baptist Church to protest my client's performance. Westboro Baptist Church is the best thing that every happn to Lorde. Hell it is better than being on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

P Bear said...

damn 9:58 you nailed Byron Fucknasty dead on the money. That's a lot of descriptive adjectives that perfectly describe Byron Fucknasty.