Monday, March 03, 2014

Listening To The Kansas City Dialect

Here's a neat bit of Kansas City pseudoscience otherwise known as journalism from KCUR:

What Does The Kansas City Dialect Sound Like?

We re-purposed this one for right now because some older lady just got finished yelling at me in a parking lot and I didn't know to be offended or if she was hitting on me. I stopped listening to other people a long time ago.

Anyhoo . . . We'll have more in just a bit . . .


Marvin Pontiac said...

Linguists have noted a faint cornfed rube quality to the speech... peppered with references to "the Lake", BBQ, and "What high school you go to?"

Anonymous said...

Call centers still prefer the Midwest accents, hence the location of them in our area.
Yankees come across as rude and crude (even when they are not). Southerners impress as uneducated, even if their grammar and syntax is perfect.
I think that people jump to conclusions about a person because of their accent, which is short sighted, but I am glad that companies like to hire in the middle of the country.

Anonymous said...

They sound like they're
from Arkansas on the north side of the river.

Anonymous said...

What? Like nobody remembers Mr. Ed?