Thursday, March 06, 2014

Lindsey Strutt And Kansas City Links Tonight

Lindsey Strutt adorns this quick look at Kansas City links tonight.

Check it:

- Kansas City Police Attempt To Cope With Town That's Popping Off This Spring: Chase ensues after police respond to shots fired call Officer-involved crash closes KC intersection

- Overland Park Fire Prevention: Man stops arson attempt at apartment

- Big Traffic Mess Tonight Over Haz-Mat Precaution: Traffic stop prompts precautionary exit shutdown on I-70

- B-Ball Promo: March Madness: no matter who wins, KC scores

- Rebellion Against Local Tradition: Alternative to Boy Scouts gains support in KC-area

- Show-Me Baby-Killing Wait: Missouri House finds new way to shame women seeking abortions

- Maybe One Less Shack In Northeast: Status of area Radioshack up in the air after company announces store closures

- Local Doggie Follow-Up: Abandoned puppies getting care at KC Pet Project

- Faces of Kansas City Reports On Perfect Village Cheese Cutter!!!

One more time, this is the OPEN THREAD for all local topics . . .


Anonymous said...

Oh, this couldn't possibly be right. You mean that the police were called and in pursuit in a high speed chase at 23rd and Van Brunt? This isn't very far (4 blocks to be precise) from the existing East Patrol Police station that being hijacked and moved to 27th Prospect to Brooklyn where it doesn't even provide service to the area. Well, Sly has done an absolute disastrous job here, folks. Good luck Forte! You had your chance to speak up... We'll just follow the dead and injured.

Anonymous said...

Damn who cut the cheese?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the cheese cutter could help these poor women get their abortions faster.