Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kelly Brook And The Kansas City Mid-Morning

Kelly Brook and her lingerie goodness inspire us to share even more Kansas City mainstream media links for the mid-morning . . .

- Kansas City Expected To Trust Eco-Devo Talk THIS TIME . . . City says Citadel ground less contaminated than feared . . . City ready to clean up, market beleaguered Citadel site

- Local Crooks Taken Down: Two Kansas City Men Indicted for Armed Bank Robbery

- Sunflower State Saying "NO" To Obamacare: Kansas plan to avoid federal health law considered

- Even More Youtube Political Campaigning: Provocateur in eco-devo border war?

- Show-Me No Jobs: Missouri's jobless rate was 6.4 percent last month. The department previously reported that unemployment held steady at 6 percent from December to January.

- Video: Royals catcher nails Reds pitcher in face with line drive

- Kansas City Art World Testimony: The Nelson-Atkins' Art Conservator On What It's Like To Restore An El Greco

One more OPEN THREAD for the morning . . .


Anonymous said...

"Two Kansas City Men Indicted for Armed Bank Robbery"

Even if you didn't know the names, there's just no doubt that these are niggers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, after KCMO already blew over $20 million on the Citadel Plaza "project", now nail tech and part-time KCPL shill Circo is announcing that a new attempt at developing the location will be undertaken at a national level.
And with the location at Prospect and Bruce Watkins Drive, what business wouldn't be excited about investing their money and trying to make a go of it there?
Of course, it won't be THEIR money; it will be YOURS. And nothing can possibly survive the criminal pounding it will take in that location.
Meanwhile, wilding at the zoo and murders every other day; too bad KCMO doesn't have an actual city government that works on making the place a better place for residents who actually live here.