Sunday, March 02, 2014

KCK Family Effort Against Diabetes

Here's an important note about a family legacy of service and advocacy in Kansas City, Kansas.

Kamaal and Malcolm Washington have spent most of their lives working to create public awareness about diabetes and championing public health causes. Their work has met with success and is featured in a nationally released book chronicling stories of struggle against diabetes: Type Cast

This is just the latest bit of success for these young men.

Not too long ago they produced an informational book with their dad and anti-crime activist Alonzo Washington.

And they also helped with Joplin relief efforts.

A lot of times we dwell on negative stories about young people on this blog but this family effort against a condition that impacts many in the urban core and throughout the nation is an important example of a bright future for Kansas City activism.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Where's racist guy now? Tony, did you get laid last night? Lots of positive stuff this morning.

chuck said...

Thats nice tehy went down to Joplin.

Two of my friends have diabetes, sounds like a good effort for a good cause.

Anonymous said...

ha ha tony follows Alonzo's marching orders. He had been pestering KCC to publish this free publicity for his chillins for a while now.

Anonymous said...

THE GOOD: I salute anyone who turns their adversity into a teaching opportunity for others.

THE BAD: What is the word "kraks"?

THE UGLY: For a book section purporting to be about a young man with Type 1 diabetes, there is an inordinate number of references to Alonzo. Wow! Couldn't resist using your child's moment in the spotlight to promote yourself.

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of machines out there. People need paper to read their blood sugar levels.

Anonymous said...

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