Saturday, March 29, 2014

KCI Single Terminal Ready For Takeoff!?!?!

SaveKCI offer a MUST READ post that adds up KCI retail numbers with a much more informed perspective than single-terminal scheme booster.

To wit . . .


A Realistic Look At KCI Retail

Money line:

"Thus, we are told, if everyone simply spent a dollar more, we would earn an extra $5,000,000 a year. (chump change still compared to a new $70 million dollar annual debt service on a new terminal but I digress.)

There is a major math flaw in that argument though. The above numbers represent only KCI’s share, not gross sales. KCI employs a third party operator to manage retail and restaurant concessions and then takes a cut of the proceeds."

Tragically, eco-devo gurus and mainstream media pundits don't seem to have time to get into specifics and Kansas City bloggers seem to be the only ones in this town willing to do a bit of math.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

The biggest source of revenue at KCI is the parking and tha's not going to change except maybe to increase the rates.
With the latest debunking of the retail claim, there's not a single idea that Van Loh started this fiasco of a discussion with that's left standing.
So every rationale was a lie from the start.
Why should someone like that be entrusted with a major community asset like the airport.
Show him the door.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever heard anyone else say, "Gee. I think I'll go to the airport and go shopping?"

I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

I thought this airport stuff around the country was being paid out of some gigantic national Airport Trust Fund thats been paid into FOREVER from ticket sales. A big pot of money for airport improvements. Not just terminals, but runway and electronics replacements and more.

So has anybody even talked about this alleged terminal 'improvement' project???

Anonymous said...

I like to spend as little time at any airport that I can. Nothing will change that.

Anonymous said...

There are no federal funds available and never were according to FAA. That too was a lie.

Anonymous said...

9:51 is right. Those funds cannot be used on new terminal projects. They're for fixing runway issues, buying new security equipment, etc. Interestingly, they MIGHT be available for repairing issues at KCI but not building a new shopping mall that happens to have an airport attached to it.

Anonymous said...

Basement dwelling race-baiters sure know a lot.