Wednesday, March 26, 2014


In Kansas, Immigration haters are so desperate that they're now targeting children . . .

Kansas Floor amendment spurs heated immigration debate

Rothlisberg and Ruiz square off on identification of 'illegal alien' students

End result . . .

"Rothlisberg's amendment was successfully challenged as not related to the underlying bill on student data privacy, and the floor debate ceased."

Credit to Rep. Ruiz for standing up to and questioning this bit of hateration . . . Meanwhile, it's important to note that anti-immigration activists are so desperate that they're not above targeting and interrogating children in order to achieve their mostly unconstitutional goals.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

I was looking for homes the other day. I saw this nice neighborhood on the Blue Springs/Grain Valley border.

Thought this might be a good area to live in. Then, I saw this Mexican getting out of his car with ten of his relatives like circus clowns.

The moment I saw that, I stopped considering that area and maybe even the towns.

Mexicans= damaged goods.

Anonymous said...

When Rothlisberg speaks in the Kansas House just listen for 'Dueling Banjoes' in the background. Not only is he out-of-step with Kansas, there is no time since 1861 when his views were traditional.

The sooner he is gone the sooner Kansas will be taken seriously.

Rothlisberg gone! Only 60 to go.

Anonymous said...


You are a homeowner, you work hard, take care of your family, and generally mind your own business.

Through a quirk in the law, anyone who knocks on your door is entitled to come inside and eat a free meal of the food which you bought.

Well, if this only happened very rarely, perhaps you could consider it a charitable act for those less fortunate in our community. However, as word gets out that these free meals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at your house, very quickly you have a problem on your hands that threatens your own family.

Anonymous said...

are you describing the relationship between lobbyists and politicians?

otherwise your try to limit your fairy tales to three or four sentences

Anonymous said...

i mean words

Anonymous said...

that was a pretty slick libBurn 12:26. Im shocked you didnt resort to calling him rayciss