Wednesday, March 19, 2014


An important urban core discussion of transit that moves FAR MORE PEOPLE than the silly toy train streetcar . . .

KCUR: "A small group of residents crowded into the basement of Zion Grove Missionary Baptist Church on Swope Parkway Tuesday night to learn about the proposed MAX bus line along Prospect."

Also, let's not forget that the bus should be free Or maybe just without a fare since that charges riders TWICE for the service.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

C'mon tony. If wall street can't fuck you over at the pump, they gotta fuck you over at the bus stop. Plus who doesn't wanna pay to go to work? Work fucking rules.

Anonymous said...

The purchase of 15 new express buses is included in the City's petition, and the other part of the petition is regarding the building of expanded streetcar lines.

However, the money to operate the additional buses is not part of the petition.

So does that mean that if voters approve the streetcar plan, that 15 new buses will also be purchased but the operation costs continue to come out of whatever fund currently operates the bus system?

The petition states "No District revenues will be used to operate the BRT Route."

So the extra 1% sales tax revenue will only operate fixed rail and not express bus?

So the real estate tax increases on all real estate within 1/2 mile of the trail will only operate the fixed rail and not the express bus?

What happens if Kansas City buys the express buses but then does not have the funds to put them to use on the streets?

Anonymous said...

Buses on Prospect? Hell, that'll be like covered wagons, rolling across the plains, just daring the indians to do something. You gotta know the niggers couldn't pass that up....There'll be a lot of death and mayhem. Just watch!

Anonymous said...

There are already buses on Prospect. I'm confused about the vote. Are they telling people they have to vote for the streetcar in order to get the Prospect MAX?

Anonymous said...

Prospect max is a great idea and and important component of kc's transit infrastructure joining the 21st century. The reality is cities that are succeeding are focused on providing good transit (always with at least a rail spine) and cites without it are no longer competitive. There's plenty of was for kc to remain convenient, affordable but also have decent transit and brt is part of that matrix. So is rail

Anonymous said...

It's walwys comical to see the observation that this city or that "is no longer competitive", although there's never any real analysis of that statement, and most interestingly, KCMO is never even mentioned in any of the articles about "majjor" cities.
The Kansas City metro has a lot going for it and almost none of it has to do with the latest buzz words and catch phrases of the latest urban futurist hot button.
Most of this just consists of consultants and salesmen cashing in big time on the KCMO rubes, leaving a mess that will take years to clean up and decades to pay for, and heading for the next payday in the town over the hill.
And all on the public's dime.
All aboard.

Anonymous said...

So the white neighborhood gets some fancy streetcar, and the black neighborhood gets more buses. Yep. That's Kansas City for you.

Anonymous said...

But YOU get a tax increase!
And YOU get a tax increase!
Everybody gets a tax increase!
Oprah for mayor!

elBryan said...

Yes; the prospect max only happens if the streetcar happens. They're doing that to pander to the east side to vote for the streetcar tax. The streetcar tax will pay for the buses and shelters, but operational cost will come from the rTransportation fund which all voters in kc pay into, even though many were never given the option to vote for streetcar.

ATU members are PISSED about this fact, and rightfully so. For the record, Prospect needs a MAX route, but Independence Ave and Linwood could both make do with MAX buses as well. The streetcar is an irresponsible overpriced waste of tax payer $.