Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kansas City Rain Garden Redux

Nerd out with this link from Sustainable Cities Collective: Bio-Retention Breakthroughs in Kansas City, Missouri

"Much like a residential rain garden, the cell is a grassy, downhill area that contains native plants, a grass buffer strip, a sand bed, mulch and planting soil. The cell is designed to efficiently capture and absorb storm-water runoff and pollutants. An underdrain installed beneath the cell contains and treats the storm-water, improving water quality for any creeks or steams that receive water downstream."


Anonymous said...


Dead Thread!!!!!

No commentations!!!!

Should have made it about EPIC FAIL, CK SUX, TOYTRAINTROLL!!!!!!

The suburbanites don't care = no HITZZZZZZ

Hank said...

calm down skippy. I like these kind of links. One of the many reasons I read this blog, that and for the tits.

Abcnkc said...

Everyone lives downhill. And I come here for the articles.

Anonymous said...

If only our city could think outside the box.
Require a "cell" for rain water on every single piece of property that has a roof or hard surface would eliminate the need to upgrade our storm sewers.
I'm no tree huger I just don't want to have a $150 per month water bill.
Getting enforcement of this would be impossible. We live in a town of block heads.