Monday, March 17, 2014

Kansas City Northeast Save Thacher Report

Fox4: "The Kansas City School District plans to re-open Northeast Middle School this fall. And as part of that plan, the district wants to create a new parking lot and soccer field next door, on land where the shuttered Thacher Elementary now sits.

“Our main priority is to preserve this building, make sure it stands,” said Manny Abarca of the Indian Mound Neighborhood Association. “Make sure ground we’re standing on now doesn’t turn into a parking lot.”


Anonymous said...

Talk about a community with misplaced priorities. How does this help students again?

Anonymous said...

Just like any other little group of hand-wringing do-gooders, these people can easily achieve their goals. Just raise around $15 million, buy the building, rennovate it, and lease it to organizations, businesses, and groups that can pay the operating costs.
You're welcome.