Monday, March 24, 2014

Kansas City Monday Night With Alice Goodwin

Alice Goodwin inspires tonight's Kansas City link compilation . . .

- No Hockey For This Cowtown: NHL looking to expand; Kansas City, of course, is not on the list

- Taking Your Chances In The Air: Game on, KCI soon will allow gambling through Missouri Lottery

- Show-Me Eco-Facts On The Kansas City Airport Scheme: No Environmental Or Energy Need For A New Terminal

- Meth Town Gathering: Senator Paul LeVota to Hold Town Hall Meeting in Independence

- Habitual Relocation: New location proposed for KCK parole office

And one more time this is the Kansas City OPEN THREAD tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

We want real tittys! at least some new fake ones

Anonymous said...

We would be all for a new KCK parole office and police station if all the city hall crooks were held accountable for their crimes. Dream big.

Anonymous said...

No Environmental or Energy need for the airport? There appears to be a fly in the ointment?

Anonymous said...

Maybe if KCI had a new terminal the Malaysian 777 would have landed here!
Worth a try.
Someboady call Van Loh!