Saturday, March 01, 2014

Kansas City 5H Week In Review

Nick Haines talks KCK progress and the week in local transit news with KCK Mayor Holland, Garrett Haake, Lynn Horsely and Helling.

Check it:

Turns out the quicker news segment was just as informative regarding transit schemes and vaporware on both sides of 12th and Oak.


Anonymous said...

If they'd wanted to find out anything about progress in kck they shoyld have talked to Ann Murguia, not this idiot. Thanks to hisobstinancy his former constituents are let without representation on the commission.

Anonymous said...

Horsley's check from City Hall is surely larger than the one she collects from the Star. Love the line about the airlines coming to the table being a "big breakthrough for the aviation dept." The airlines begged their way to the table when Van Loh wanted to keep them away. What a crock.

Anonymous said...

Holland's all for those backroom deals to keep the Ponzi scheme going and his pockets filled. He's a one term guy and knows it.

Secret deals are Wyandotte deals - who knew? Holland is left out of the deals (T-Bones) because he's a loud mouth.

He has voted for every tax increase. Laughs about it in meetings. He can't run his own tax free business and now he's an economic development expert. Downtown KCK is ugly mess for a reasons.

Anonymous said...

Holland is worthless. Just like Carol Ann and Little Joe - not a word of truth ever comes out of your big fat mouth.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the only people quoted in TKC are either loser media types who kiss ass to a certain blogger or blacks that have little on their resumes other than swindles and race baiting. I off to JOCO SOB. That dude has it going on.