Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jayde Nicole And Kansas City Tuesday Night

Jayde Nicole inspires our look at Kansas City local mainstream media links tonight . . .

- Today's Lesson In Kansas City Doggie Trouble: Dog darts into street, causes one school bus to bump another . . . Three high schoolers injured after 2 school buses collide

- Sunflower State Baby Killing Pushback Rights: Court: Kansas can strip Planned Parenthood of federal funds

- Cowtown Slice Of Life: Prosecutors accuse man in KC stabbing, neck slashing

- Follow-up: Body found in car submerged in Lake Jacomo

- Crook Captured Out In The Stix: Man linked to Bonner Springs payday loan robbery arrested

- Limiting Democracy Across The State Line: Brownback signs Kansas bill to limit political-party switching

- Meth Town Crackdown On Fake Smokes: Independence looks at e-cigarette ban

- Enclave Sell-Off: Part of Brookside's popular shopping district set to be sold

- Disappointing Platte County Pop: Child discovered in car with passed out dad

- Tragic Kansas City Scam: Thief posing as AIDS Walk fundraiser

- JoCo 2-Star Dining Good News: Stroud's coming to Overland Park and more retail tenants for Prairiefire

- No More Swagger Jacking An Old Chiefs Move: NFL is banning the goal-post dunk, much to the dismay of Tony Gonzalez

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

What the hell is happening to the NFL. No goal post dunking? The new stuff that has been coming down the pipe the past few years is just ridiculous.

Its like the NFL is trying to scare people away from it.

Anonymous said...

Sweeeet Lord!!
that is one hot little minx!
Good god ..more brunettes ,Tony

Anonymous said...

I'd eat her pussy like a thirst stricken dog.

P Bear said...

While I like Tony Gonzalez, it is the National Football League...not the fucking NBA.