Tuesday, March 04, 2014

GUM: Kansas City Hip-Hop Skate Fashions

This presser caught our eye and features an interesting Kansas City collaboration of styles . .

We like their swagger and don't mind offering a link to their website that features LOCAL HIP-HOP AND SKATERS along with some pretty decent content.

The new web presence put on blast:


Here's the official word . . .

KC Skateboard/Hip Hop brand GUM Clothing launches it’s website

GUM clothing releases its website www.GUMclothing.com to the world

Kansas City, MO: Recently, GUM Clothing LLC, a Kansas City, MO skateboard/hip hop lifestyle brand launched it’s official website, www.GUMclothing.com. GUM clothing has been a company since 2010 and has a full skate team while also sponsoring a few hip hop artists from the Kansas City, MO area. The company has focused on spreading the lifestyle at local hip-hop shows but has decided to share the lifestyle with the world.

Of the recently launched website, company Creator/CEO Trenton Warner said, “We are stoked to show the world what our team has to offer and the lifestyle that we live. The success that we have had will only get built upon with the site. You could spend 45 minutes learning what were about over there…”

About GUM Clothing: GUM clothing LLC, is a skateboard/hip hop lifestyle brand that was created in 2010. The lifestyle that GUM has is a distinct one that requires trying live the core values. These core values include being real, positive and humble. GUM clothing has worked with and been a part of hip hop shows that included national artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Mac Miller, Big Krit and Kid Ink. They have also organized/hosted a skate competition with plans to do more. GUM clothing has built a name for itself in Kansas City, MO and has recently extended its reach to St. Louis.


Anonymous said...

This should make it easier now, those are the two people I like hitting with my car the most. Now they're wearing the same douche bag clothes making it easier to spot.

Anonymous said...

Hip Hop lifestyle:

No job

Transportation- skate board

Housing- abandoned cars or moms basement

Education-what education

Sexual orientation-obviously gay

Favorite drink-free Westport coffee

Favorite food-tacos what else

Citizenship status-illegal but wez very hip.

Tax status-none


Address-ICO SW Blvd QT

Parents-Jesus and Isabelaiz

Brothers & Sisters- Juan, Felepe, Pedro, Jesus II, Javier, Homea, Skip, Screetch, Lucinda,

Anonymous said...

looks gay if you want my opinion

Anonymous said...

very gay

Anonymous said...

Let me guess they think they are rebelling against the evil corporations.

Anonymous said...

I like the hat.

Anonymous said...

That's because the hat is made by Civil and not this horse-shit company.Their best design says B.O.N.G.-believe or never grow.Dafuk dat even mean?