Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Emma Glover And The Kansas City Evening

Emma Glover is an impressive hottie from Essex, England. She's featured in some scorching NSFW pix from Playboy and here's an introductory video wherein she talks a bit about hometown stereotypes . . . Or something.

Now, check the Kansas City links for the evening news cycle . . .

- Kansas City Tradition Of Supporting Tax Breaks Continues: Developer: Missouri's historic tax credit program works fine in KC

- Show-Me LGBTQIA Pushback: Judge asked to immediately prohibit same-sex couples from filing joint Missouri tax returns

- Stepping Up State Sanctioned Killing: Missouri Executes Inmate, Third This Year

- Meth Town Nasty: IPD looking for more victims after Smithville man charged with 6 sex crimes

- Old School Suburban Life: Senior living apartments planned for Mission Crossing development

- Rain Delay: Showers with some thunder tonight, severe storms possible Thurs.

- Golden Ghetto Chicken: Stroud's expands into OP

- Ladies Love Local Politics And Propaganda: Kansas City Mayor Sly James is pushing to empower women at City Hall

- Rock Chalk Rewards: : Hall Family Foundation chips in another $500,000 gift to KU

- Goodwill Still Flowing In Kansas City: Pump donated for J.C. Nichols Fountain

- Feel-Good Biz Report: Kansas City ranks in top 20 percent of 'Best Cities to Start a Business' list

- Northland Regret: “I’m sorry,” says woman driving van that hit two skateboarding boys

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Anonymous said...

Jim Glover has found himself since the operation and hormone treatments. "Emma" looks great!

Anonymous said...

Check the statistics. The only female director is in Public Works. One female director, numerous males. Plenty of men in management/supervisory roles--very few women. Sly & the manager need to look at this. And in the KCFD? A history of hating women.
I call bulshit.

Anonymous said...

There just have to be as many incompetent women as men so that the senior staff at city ahll can be brought into balance.
Although you have to admit, the current public works director is about as incompetent as you could find.
Let's load up city hall just like the ark. Maybe Sly was inspired by the new movie "Noah"!

P Bear said...

Why do white people like chicken so fucking much. They are like pigs, nasty mother fuckers.

Anonymous said...

"Kansas City Mayor Sly James is pushing to empower women at City Hall"

I do not agree with hiring someone just because of their gender. Take PW Director Sherri McIntyre. Left the city because of Wayne Cauthen, got fired from two consulting firms, is now director of PW even though she has no operation/maintenance experience and questionable design experience. I wish I was a woman.

Anonymous said...

"Missouri Executes Inmate, Third This Year"

They said he "moved his feet a little" before he stopped breathing. Good, now he won't move them at all! Good riddance to another asshole.

Bryan Housefunker said...

I have a bow tie.

Anonymous said...

That bitch looks like wonder woman!!!