Friday, March 21, 2014

Craig Glazer Talks The Whitest Kids U Know

TKC Note: Our Pal Craig Glazer offers some insight about one of the Internationally recognized acts coming to his place.

The Whitest Kids U Know
Starring Trevor Moore Land at Stanfords

If you are over 30, The Whitest Kids U Know TV show, starring Trevor Moore, may not light you up. However, if you are part of the Social Media generation knowing most of the cast of The Whitest Kids U Know as they walk around Westport or The Legends might be like announcing the arrival of The Beatles in the 1960’s. Well, maybe that’s a little over the top. Trevor Moore is truly a star for the Now Generation. Trevor and his college buddies Sam Brown and Darrin Trumeter were some of the first guys to use Youtube when it first came out several years ago. Trevor and his buddies put up what might be called ‘Saturday Night Live’ or ‘MadTV’ style segments on Youtube. While they weren’t an overnight sensation, teenage kids sent their videos to all their buddies, thus creating millions of hits and from there were invited to the HBO convention the following year. The Whitest Kids U Know would go on IFC initially and would run for five seasons, now you can see the gang on Comedy Central as well.

Trevor Moore is the star and he already has household bits that include ‘The Civil War on Drugs’ and ‘Trading in Your Parents for Better Ones’. That is, they have household recognizability if you are young enough or young at heart. Trevor was able to take that success and add ‘The Trevor Moore Show’, a TV series called ‘Breaking In’ and got the lead in the 2009 film ‘Miss March’. They are a clever group of pranksters and parody song writers. TruTV gave Trevor and the gang a small truckload of money to do a similar TV show last year. While TruTV execs thought what the boys turned in was very funny, they also thought it was too mean even for cable television. Example: One episode Trevor took over a Beverly Hills hair salon pretending to be a beautician, one young lady sat down in his chair and explained she wanted a ‘Hollywood Hair Styling’ for her 25th birthday party that evening. Moore took his clippers and began shaving her head. She was startled, screamed and complained while he explained the ‘buzzcut’ was the latest Miley Cyrus look. The boys had to come up with a tidy sum of money to keep the woman from suing TruTV. Sometimes comedy has an expensive price tag.

For those of you of the Baby Boomer generation, you know Trevor as the guy who did the hidden camera bits the last two years of the Tonight Show. Yes, Trevor has been a busy boy. Moore has a one hour Comedy Central special that will air this summer. He and his gang are planning a new television show for network television that will be a remake of Sanford and Son which will take place in Detroit on the poor side of the tracks.

Trevor Moore and the cast of ‘The Whitest Kids U Know’ is doing a nationwide tour, stopping in about fifteen cities. They are doing sold out shows at colleges, theaters and a handful of top name comedy clubs. The gang will be at Stanford and Sons this weekend with shows Friday and Saturday at 7:45 pm and 9:45 pm nightly.

Next week, catch the newest star of ‘Chelsea Lately’, Ian Karmel will be here. Just two weeks ago, Chelsea spoke about him being in Stanford’s in Kansas City, as did her co-host, Khloe Kardashian. Last week, he made his first appearance on ‘Conan’ where he and the host discussed his upcoming KC appearance as well. Ian is one of the hottest young comics in America and the heavyset, charismatic comic has been compared to a modern day Ralphie May. For tickets call Stanford and Sons at (913)400-7500 or visit us online at


Anonymous said...

Yawn. Who?

Anonymous said...

I fit understand what this has to do with the streetcar. Somebody please explain

Anonymous said...

I totally like to goad CG about his horrible comic choices but these guys are GREAT!

I don't know how many of the original troupe is going to be there but Trevor is the leader and there was another original member too.

If you want to check out some of their best sketches:

Gallon of PCP:

The Grapist:

Sniper Business:

Hot Dog Timmy:

Their stars have cooled a bit since Whitest Kids got cancelled but they are still underground popular. They tried to make a movie (Miss March) but it wasn't successful. So it looks like these guys are probably best on the stage.

Anonymous said...

The complete Civil War on Drugs special/movie:

Anonymous said...

Poop Board Meeting:

Anonymous said...

They were cancelled for a reason

Anonymous said...

7:27 yes they suck that's why. Buy Gusher has to take up all this space to explain what a turd is like. The Steve will gush about how great Gusher shoots a load down his throat. Same ole shit from Glazer just a different week.

Anonymous said...

These guys are puerile and boring. Even my cat won't watch them.

Shug said...

One can only hope another comic that the King of Turds is best friends with will die this week and he and JJ Walker will mourn agian . Refreshing to have a week of Turd free racism on TKC.

ghost of David Brenner said...

You know you run a dump when you tout it by quoting Khloe

Anonymous said...

How much does TKC get paid for continually promoting this asshole?

Anonymous said...

Kathy Griffin at the Uptown this weekend!

'dat "b" is CRAZY! funny funny gal.. head out to Westport afterwards

or.. drive halfway to Topeka to see 1 member of a canceled sketch group.

Dean/comedy man said...

First off, they are STILL on the air, Comedy Central and IFC run all their episodes. Trevor has a one hour special coming out this summer on Comedy Central and has a network deal for a new TV series. All three of the guys in this show are the leads on Whitest Kids You Know and wrote the 5 year hit which is a nice run. Trevor had two other series Breaking In and The Trevor Moore Show also Jay Leno had him on the Tonight Show for the 11-13 doing hidden camera show. He's made millions and is just 32 years old.
Why do I know I saw their incrediible show last night. ONe of the best. Your jealousy for Glazer forces you to make shit up. These guys are awesome. So is the show.

Anonymous said...

Same hateful, jealous punks. Show I'm sure is massive good.

Anonymous said...

6:02 and 6;05 the same asshole. Probably Glazer. But then might have been Steve guess it depends who was sucking who.

Anonymous said...

NOBODY that has made millions and still has it plays in KCK .

Anonymous said...

Kathy Griffin not at Glazers place? WTF? She is a world class SCUNT. Perfect for CG. I'm sure he has tapped that red headed whore, he hits them all.

Anonymous said...

8:39 more like "claims" to hit them all. That boy be lucky to get it in a Nevada ho house.