Saturday, March 22, 2014

Compromising Kansas City Public Schools

When it comes to student test scores and achievement, nothing much has really changed for the KCPS.

However . . .

Blighting building sell-offs and then an administrative switcheroo or two seems to make everyone happy.

Supporters of the district say that this is the closest KCMO has been to regaining accreditation in years . . . And they expect to get back provisional accreditation soon.

Meanwhile . . .

Surrounding school districts seek protection from local scholars and the lesson for today is that politicos are constantly changing the rules of any game they lose.


KSHB: A mother with children in the KCPS district offers her thoughts on what needs to happen to regain accreditation.

Examiner: Legislators optimistic on transfer issue

NBC Action News: The Missouri State Board of Education finalized its plan to fix unaccredited districts.

Developing into the next election cycle . . .


chuck said...

As the Federal Government continues to shove "Common Core" curriculum down our collective throats, eventually, scores on all tests will be equal by virtue of the descension of those same scores to the lowest common demoninator.

The Department of Education, will at some point, have your kid graduating from KU, MU Yale, et al with advanced degrees in Gender Studies and Critical Race Theory.

Then armed with this knowledge and the increasing need for ever more bureaucrats on local, state and federal complinace, sinecure will be assured in conjuction with a Democratic Loyalty Oath.

Anonymous said...

Streetcar caused common sore.

Sly robbed all the schools to pay for boondoggle toy train, NOW ITS KLLING CHILDREN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

In spite of your silly comments, the actual robbing for the streetcar has actually barely begun.
And after the millenials and hipsters have all bailed out of their downtown lofts for safe neighborhoods, good schools, and yards for their kids to play in, all in some suburb, the actual residents of KCMO who own property and have lots to lose will be paying $10-15 million bond payments for decades.
At 12th and Oak, the adults left the building a long time ago.