Thursday, March 27, 2014


Photo is a rough approximation . . . Here's the latest token gesture from KCMO hoping that everybody will overlook City Hall disparity when it comes to female department heads and directors:

March is national Women’s History Month and the City is recognizing five women (Deb Ridgway, Ashley Z. Hand, Terry Rynard, Sherri McIntyre, Kimiko Black Gilmore) in significant leadership positions at City Hall. Topics include their proudest moments, biggest challenges and advice for others working their way up the career ladder.

Meanwhile, enjoy the KCMO hype celebrating the accomplishments of City Hall ladies when they aren't talking horrible about one another . . . More in a bit.


Eye Roll said...

Sherri McIntyre? Really? Public Works made the list. This town gets more pathetic as the days go on. Absolute scatter brain.

Anonymous said...

I have been to city hall...and all they have there are fat nasty bitches!!! And the few that are not fat are the biggest bitches.

Anonymous said...

2:35 must have been on the 20th floor. Fat and incompetent is no way to go through life.