Monday, March 31, 2014

Celebrate Kansas City East Side Love!!!

KCUR offers an alternative perspective on local life on the other side of a Kansas City dividing line: ‘I Love Living In This Community’ And Other Perceptions Of Life East Of Troost


Anonymous said...

I too love living East of Troost. I love driving a $70,000 Escalade and parking it the front yard full of dead grass in front of my $40,000 house that I rent (by rent, I mean the gov't pays for it). I love having several houses on my block that should be torn down. And not just my block but every block. I love seeing weeds that have grown through cracks in porches taller than the house itself. I love seeing grown men hang out all day. I mean, where else can you see guys in their 30's who must of made so much money already they can retire so young? To be that young and not have to work? I love seeing that. I love seeing gaggles of young kids around and not a father in sight. The sight of future inmates and murderers brings a joyful tear to my eye. I love that. I love buying all my groceries at Family Dollar because they take EBT cards. I love the fact that despite being poor, I have managed to become 120 lbs overweight. I love that things here that used to be nice, like some of the houses on Paseo, we have turned into shit holes like our own. I love that we have such a strong sense of community that we never turn criminals in, even murderers of our own kind. It's one thing to not turn in Harry Stone's killer but we also don't turn in the guy who killed that nursing student and her daughter. I love that kind of kinship with my neighbors. I love that East of Troost we take everything, and I mean everything, and make it worse than before.

Anonymous said...

KC's twenty-something hipsters need somewhere to go live out their bohemian year(s) as the almighty Crossroads costs too much.

Anonymous said...

The hipsters, millenials, and other "urban pioneers" are just one mugging, break-in, or car burglary away from forgetting how all that urban environment density sounded so neat and moving to the suburbs as fast as their public transportation can take them.
Until KCMO is really serious about confronting the violence and murders on the east side, what's left there can only get worse.
Still some good salt of the earth hard-working folks in some of those neighborhoods, but there's been terrible leadership, endless grifting, and millions of tax dollars that have disappeared for decades with nothing to show for all of it.
Would the last folks to leave please turn out the lights.

Anonymous said...

6:41 plus a bunch

I call bullshit said...

Propaganda. First Urban Summit and the KCUR folks talked up how bad it was to get money, grants, police forts and so on. Now, suddenly its the cosmo place to live. I call bullshit. It suck living East of Troost and here's why:

1. You can't get anything, NOTHING, to eat after a certain hour.

2. The bus runs horrible hours on the East Side so if you don't have a car... good luck getting home.

3. The worst City Councilperson that ever lived in is Jermaine Reed. Which lead to #4.

4. There should be for sale signs going up but at this point you can't even sell your property East of Troost. The most you could hope for is to rent it.

5. Phone neighborhood leaders like Marlon Hammons who never bother to tell property owners when the meetings are. So, the same 5 people come to the meetings and he basically re-elects himself as President annually. What passes for leadership is frightening.

6. The Black Baptist Church folk don't know what century it is. They are holding on to 1958 like pimp holding on to a jheri curl. They will never, never let it go.

5. Corruption. Anything goes East of Troost and the condition of the neighborhood, the slap fights over real estate and constant schemes to keep people down. The new deal is to pursue the Missouri Abandoned Housing Act so that people can take land for profit without any compensation to the property owner.

6. Fearing for my life because Blacks inherently want to harm other Black people. Don't ever think you're going to own nice things living in these areas. Once the Blacks see you have something of value, expect to be robbed repeatedly until they've taken all you have.

7. You can't find a good paying job East of Troost if you wanted to. All the politicians jumping up and down over an Aldi grocery store; meanwhile the jobs they offer are the same low paying jobs that were there before. Recycled money.

8. Ignorant bandwagon supporters. Here' the truth has no relevance whatsoever. People are so dumb they jump on the bandwagon even if its to their detriment.

I could go on and on but... you get the point.