Monday, March 10, 2014


Carmen Electra and her old school hotness still holds up over time as we start this Kansas City work week with a quick look at mainstream media links. Take a look:

- Give The KCPD A Brake: Two Kansas City officers taken to hospital after car slams their cruiser

- Kansas Frat Crackdown: Deadliest U.S. Fraternity Grapples With ‘Historic’ Pledging Ban

- Sleaze Summit Car Seat (Or Lack Thereof) Tragedy: 1-year-old falls from car onto on-ramp in Lee's Summit

- Show-Me The Crook Crackdown This Session: Missouri Lawmakers Mull Big Changes To Criminal Code

- Gaming Going Across The State Line Too: Missouri seeing effects of declining casino visits

- No Longer Hog Wild: Kansas battle to reduce feral hog population seems to be working

- Optimistic Overflow Prediction: Repeat of 2011 Missouri River flooding is unlikely, corps says

- Rolling Past The Weekend Round-Up: Thousand came out for the Kansas City International Auto Show

- Show-Me Obnoxious Tradition: ESPN spotlights Missouri's Antlers in report on rowdy cheering groups

- Old School Honor: Kansas family to accept belated honor for WWII hero

- Digging Up All Kinds Of Kansas City Lins: Still too early for gardening

- The Cowtown Mess To Expect: The Big 12 Tournament means big business for downtown


This is the FIRST OPEN THREAD for Monday . . . More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Of course that school bus stalker Byron snuck around last night when the work force was asleep.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Ms. 7:05

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Enjoy your day at work. I know how much it means to your self-worth & self-identity. Poor, stupid wage-slave ...

I have to go to the clinic this morning. I need a steroid shot & a new rescue inhaler. Thursday will be my 60th birthday. It sucks getting old.

Anonymous said...

Euthenasia. It's not just for pets anymore.

Anonymous said...

No, growing old does not suck. Its part of my wonderful productive life that I enjoy.
Bye the way, WE OWN YOU!

Anonymous said...

Hell yes we own him but who wants him.

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Byron Funkhouser said...

You pussies don't own anyone.

You're just stupid racists, with your stupid stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

"Hell yes we own him but who wants him."

My thoughts exactly. Evidently no one in West Virginia will claim him and Colorado won't let him in, so we're stuck.

Anonymous said...

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Flint Lock said...

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