Friday, March 14, 2014

Candice And The Kansas City Friday Link Pool

Candice Swanepoel, coconut juice and bikini pix inspire this early morning link pool look . . . Check these Kansas City mainstream media links to start the day.

- Where's Mayor Sly??? Gates Foundation Junket Just Yesterday!!!

- Tech Improvements After Tragedy: KC man predicts better barricades after fatal crash at SXSW

- Show-Me Expensive Culture War: Business, religious groups oppose Missouri bill prohibiting LGBT discrimination

- The Latest Sunflower State Scheme: Brownback hoping to attract manufacturing jobs to Kansas from abroad

- Perfect Village Direction: PV Police use signs to keep drivers safe

- One More Kansas FAIL: Test glitch means all Kansas schools will be accredited

- Nice Sentiment But Nobody Wants To Stand Up To Mayor Sly & City Council: With no blight in play, cut extravagant tax incentives near the Plaza and in Lee's Summit

- Human Interest And The Open Hand: Faces of Kansas City: Karate inspires confidence in special-needs kids

- The Best Hipsters Like It That Way: West Bottoms link between Kansas and Missouri to close for six months

- All Of KC Media Promo Won't Make Back $20 Million: Big 12 Championship brings good teams and smart fans to KC

- High Art Vanity Project: “Glass Labyrinth” being built outside Nelson-Atkins Museum

- All The Fun That Rugrats Won't Let You Have: The Weekend To-Do List: March 14-16, 2014

This is the OPEN THREAD for all things off-topic and early Friday . . .


Channing Truthchurch said...

Good Lord, one good sniff of that and I could throw away these boner pills forever!

the Polar Bear-son said...

the bear digs on Candice...nice

Anonymous said...

Shut up Glazer nobody cares you take boner pills

Anonymous said...

bill gates is boner pills for sly James

the Polar Bear-son said...

That Carls Jr, Hardees commercial for the Big Cod Sandwich is smoking. Wow that a hot commercial.