Thursday, March 06, 2014

Calling Out The Hot Mess In Hickman Mills!!!

In the aftermath of an audit . . . And in the midst of election season . . . Here's the latest word from the Hickman Mills School District:

KSHB: Hickman Mills district board member says audit findings are not surprising

Money quote:

"The auditor's report points to the 2011-2012 school year when Breman Anderson was board president and calls out the district for a multitude of offenses including spending thousand on expenditures that were unnecessary and failing to seek bids and obtain written contracts.

Dan Osman Current vice president of the Hickman Mills School District Board of Education, said since last May, the district knew about the audit and reorganized the board to try and correct some of the problems."

And again, the reality is that a lot of this is political and a fight for control of a district along racial lines . . . Like it or not.


Anonymous said...

The results of this audit will be kid's stuff if the usual suspects who looted the KCPS for years are successful in getting their hands in the pie.
And there's an election coming up in Hickman Mills.

Anonymous said...

Oh snap! School trips to shop and stuff their fat faces with food using other peoples money. This is news?

Anonymous said...

Everything Freedom Inc touches has this same ending.

Anonymous said...

It's not racial, it's moochers. I wish it was legal to assassinate some of these ass clowns.