Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Anti-Climax Look Back: Freedom, Inc. Didn't Get Thrown In Jail Over Hickman Mills Audit!!!

Like it or not, turns out the highly anticipated Hickman Mills audit was nothing more than a bit of election season hype and typical political pushback against Freedom, Inc. over their growing influence in South Kansas City..

No big arrests or really much surprises after an audit reveals typical school mismanagement . . .


KCTV5: Hickman Mills district receives 'fair' grade in state audit

KSHB: Audit finds Hickman Mills schools misspent money

Fox4: Hickman Mills School District hears results of audit

The bigger question is: How will South Kansas City respond to the growing contingent of minorities now organizing along racial lines in that part of town.


Anonymous said...

Sticking your snouts in a trough of taxpayer money is not influence. It's stealing from the future of kids whose education is supposed to be spent on so that they have a chance in life.
Same old names; same old grifters; and same old modus operandi.
The "Pitch" nailed these folks dead to rights, and it's about time the rest of the media weighed in as well, followed by legal actions.
And now, how about auditing the Green Impact Zone, 18th and Vine, and the east patrol project?
An embarrassment of riches!

Anonymous said...

"The bigger question is: How will South Kansas City respond to the growing continent of minorities now moving organizing along racial lines in that part of town. "

They will respond just like people all over the United States have responded for 60 years.

They will, if they can, move away from black violence, assault, rapes and intimidation or they will be stuck in the standard dystopia that accompanies black cutlture all over the world, not just in KC.

Anonymous said...

Cities from every geographic region of the country are beset by the problem (black violence), which in turns drive away productive citizens, their taxes and their businesses for safer real estate.

The only common variable each time is black people.

Not guns.

Not drugs (nor the CIA).

Not Democrats.

Not high fructose corn syrup.

Black people.

Be it Knoxville, Tennessee or Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the violence found plaguing these cities is uniquely black

Anonymous said...

While the audit didn't name Freedom it did name Breman Anderson who was a Freedom candidate. I think it also named Bonnaye Mims. Both are running for re-election this April.

Anonymous said...

Bonnaye Mimms is on the board of Freedom. She is worse than Breman.

Anonymous said...

It just looks like this cancer is migrating from the KC SD to the next host. The only solution is to yank it out, root and branch, everywhere it shows itself.
We need to put people on notice that if you are living off the public dollar, we hunt you down and kill you. Not literally, but you are going to be exposed and lose your job.

CH said...

Why? So some rethuglican can work the same scam with a smile?

Anonymous said...

If thats what it takes CH. What you got?

Anonymous said...

8:40 has it exactly right. The humans (white people) will flee at the approach of the black cancer, known as niggers. Look at the way they have marched down (and destroyed) the whole of Paseo Blvd. It used to be a lovely street, until the late forties or fifties when the nigger moved in. Just look at it today. Just look if you dare.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:14AM

You should really stay away from the world wide web, go back into the bushes and finish banging your sister while the redneck stew is boiling. You are an idiot sir!

Anonymous said...

This is more than a black/white thing, this is about a takeover. As a member of the Kansas City public school district, I could tell that something like this would happen in Hickman Mills when I noticed Freedom Inc migrating in that direction after having a huge hand in destroying the KCPSD.
Just about everything they have their hands on is corrupt. If they don't have their hands on it, then watch out! They are coming for it!
First the KC school district, next Hickman Mills, so Raytown, Grandview, Independence, etc all better watch out! If they see an angle they can use, manipulate, blackmail or bully to get in, they will use it and your area is screwed!
I can tell you that from living in an area that they systematically devastated!