Saturday, March 22, 2014

Another Kansas City Saturday Link Wave

Guitar mag celebration and a great many Kansas City topics worth considering on the Saturday afternoon . . .

- Kansas City Tragic Update: KCPD: Juvenile hit, killed by vehicle in Northland

- Kansas City Weekend Round-Up: Checkpoint nets 14 DUI arrests for Kansas City police

- Blaze Across The State line: Mom and son escape house fire in KCK . . . Doggies weren't so lucky: Pets perish in KCK house fire

- Local Lady Crook Lost And Found: KC fugitive wanted for 18 years found in Key West

- Show-Me Payoffs: The "million-dollar legislature" steams ahead with no reform in sight

- More Union Busting: Right to work bill on the Missouri House schedule

- Dead Tree Media Policy Wonking: Police board spends little time on Kansas City’s high murder rate

- Sunflower State Spy Tech: Drone legislation advances in Kansas Senate

- Forbes Pitches Local Attraction: For 100th Anniversary of World War I, Think Kansas City

- City Hall News Highlighted: Citizen satisfaction with the timeliness of water/sewer line repair has increased from last year.

- KCMO Watering Holes: Game on! Metro's Best Sports Bars

- More Will Shields Good Deeds: Former Chief helps provide concussion testing for young athletes

OPEN THREAD for Saturday . . .


Anonymous said...

Holsmans parents are rich. He should take the pledge.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see Michelle Singleton in custody I haven't been able to sleep a single night for 18 years.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck do I have to do to get arrested in one of those DWI checkpoints? I was shit faced, had a trunk full of guns, cocaine under the seat, two hookers giving me a double, six open bottles of rum, no inspection sticker, expired plates, no seat belt, bong in the back seat and I got a thank you and waved through. What kind of shit is that?

Anonymous said...

Word is George has only broken three bats testing too.

P Bear said...

278 stopped in DUI checkpoint and only 6% had warrants. Must have been white people driving to Harrisonville. You know if you stop 278 Negros the warrant % would be more like 80%. Today's math for my Waldo peeps.