Sunday, March 16, 2014

Adriana Lima And Kansas City Sunday Links

Adriana Lima inspires this morning look at the local news scene.

Check it:

- Just Another Kansas City Global Climate Change Example: Windy conditions cause several fires in Metro area

- Spring Training Disappointment: Cubs split-squad rallies past Royals 6-5

- Winning In Kansas City: Cyclones Win Big 12 Championship Title

- Sunflower State Drying Up: Uncertainty clouds funding for Kansas water needs

- Sprint Center Stats: The 2014 #Big12MBB Champ. averaged 18,999 fans per session - 3rd highest session avg. in conf. history.

- Kansas City Tech In Training: Six area robotics teams advance to world competition

- Much More Worthwhile Competition: Special Olympics holds their own tournament game outside Sprint Center

And this is OPEN THREAD sunday . . .


Anonymous said...

I heard the supermarket was a good place to meet women. But don't start with "Nice rack!"

Anonymous said...

If someone came from the past in a timemachine they would be shocked that in 500 years retarded people sent from being court jesters to being raced outside the big 12 basketball tourament.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You go "Dirt Clodders"... Those Iowa State dirt farmers were drunk on their asses last night in the P&L. Hell the negros were even afraid to do their usual Mad Max around the perimeter of the P&L. I have to say I-State folk party down.

Anonymous said...

What, no Glazer story about how he made Brenner the man he was and how he was at his death bed holding his hand as he died and about how great Glazer is because he knows JJ Walkqueer. Your slipping Tony

Anonymous said...

Give it time 12:52. They are still purging green beer.