Sunday, March 30, 2014

Adriana And One More KCMO Link Look

Adriana Lima inspires a glimpse at more Kansas City mainstream media links right now. Check it:

- KCMOre Mag Takes A Look At City Hall and KCPD Social Media Players

- Local Company Power Play: KCPL dispute in Mississippi could go to Supreme Court

- Rock Chalk Kinda Hottie Pizza Dude Killer: Lawyer: Kansas woman, 19, doesn't deny killing

- Show-Me No Help For Homeowners: Hope for property tax relief fades at Missouri Capitol

- Standing Up For Suburbanite Care: Kansas residents rally for Medicaid expansion

- Meth Town Helping Hand: Teams compete to renovate apartments for homeless teens

- Show-Me Lucky Bastids: Missouri Powerball winners claim $96.5M prize

OPEN THREAD for Sunday afternoon . . .


Anonymous said...

What's the odds on a Glazer posting tonight about 9:30 ? Book it !

Anonymous said...

noooo. no more douche fight gossip please, that shit is stooopid.

Anonymous said...

8:20 I'm sure you would rather gossip about some train or water bond and you have no connection to either. Wait, your interested in Missy B gossip as your a gayboi.

Anonymous said...

Admitted killer and Cornwell wants to milk the TV coverage as much as possible. All about him as usual.