Monday, February 17, 2014

Veronika Black & The Kansas City Link Wave

Veronika Black is the new babe in the Jordan Carver stable and right now she has inspired these Kansas City mainstream media links . . .

- More Deets About TV Fight: Cable bill proposal in Kansas causes controversy in Kansas City

- Battle Against The Prez For Control Of The Dying Planet: Kansas House Committee Debates Climate Action Plan

- Local Money List: Red-hot business news: KC's 25 biggest biz stories in January

- Meth Town Justice: ATF offers reward in Independence Bass Pro Shop burglary

- Show-Me Even More Obamacare Opposition: Missouri lawmakers look to crack down on health care navigators

- Show-Me Tax Break Presser: Tax credit generates about $351 million for KC area taxpayers

- Bad Taste For Obamacare: Dentists cite low KanCare reimbursements

- KAKE Calls Out Political Ignorance: (Rep. Willie Dove, of Bonner Springs) who is the main proponent of a House measure that would nullify Common Core reading and math standards in the state admits he hasn't read what's in them.

- Kinda Neat To Watch Who Has Their Hand On The Button Out In The Stix: Command change coming at Whiteman Air Force base

- Low Aspirations In Our Second Favorite Enclave: Second Best Coffee opens in Waldo

- BND: Show-Me Hero Doctor

- Kansas City Chorale Celebrates Music Of Ireland This March

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Anonymous said...

Are those real?

Anonymous said...


But they're still spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Yowzaa! How come the words, motor boat, come to mind???

Anonymous said...

that beautiful pale skin and those succulent breasts ready for "tipoff". Thank God for March Madness.

Crime Stoppers Hotline............. said...

What the fuck. It's almost 10 o'clock and Tony has not posted anything about Alonzo or Jeramine.

What the fuck ? Kansas City's two black crime fighters are without representation on TKC tonight. The fucking sky is falling. Tell me it's not so.