Sunday, February 16, 2014

UMKC School Spirit And Kansas City Hip-Hop

Let's not get sooooooo down on Kansas City for Sunday.

There's a lot of great stuff going on in this town.

For instance, take look at latest and favorite school spirit clip for our City College:

A really nice example of what Kansas City is doing right and *ThePhantom creating more than a bit of civic, hip-hop hometown pride.

More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

What bullshit,

Anonymous said...

Trying to decipher the new KCMO city budget is a job for a forensic accountant, but then that's probably the intention!

From the city's website, link to the budget, and note the very general way in which items are listed. Many in the multi-millions of dollars, while others are as low as one dollar. It's done in such a way as to not list where the money is going, just a broad classification.

Just a few highlights (spent a few minutes perusing, but it's an exercise in futility):
16 million for street maintenance
7 million for streetcar funding
Airport is a financial blackhole!
Water/Sewer are money drains
650,000 for American Jazz Museum
500,000 for 18th & Vine Operations
1.6 million for minor home repair
800,000 for homeless prevention

Why hasn't the KC Star done an in-depth financial analysis of the budget? They can send Helling & Kraske to a small Kansas town to expose everyone getting government handouts, but they can't find their way to City Hall? Mayor Sly, the Council, and administrators don't want the citizens to know how much their wasting on unnecessary expenses. Maybe Tony can dig it up.

Anonymous said...

The Star reporters, or what's left of them, just publish pretty much anything that they're told by city hall, even though at least some of them have been reporting on the same beats for years and you'd think they'd have some real idea of how things really work by now.
And the paper is heavily invested in the "dowtown renaissance" and the hundreds of millions that are being spent by the city, even as other basic aspects of life in a First World country, like safety and decent streets, are ignored.
But the Star longs for the days when downtown was the center of the world and anybody who was anyone came to the editorial board for approval.
Welocme back to the 1950s!
All aboard.

Anonymous said...

If you think E cigarettes are a bitch try sniffing the secondary vapors coming off that "premier" Kansas City attraction known as Brush Creek. As usual the city bureaucrats can tell everyone how to fix problems that don't need fixing, but damned if they can solve their own.

Wu Tang said...



Go Roos said...

Actually liked the Phantom rap about the Roos. Maybe 'ol Phantom can teach something to KJ. His music is terrible.

Anonymous said...

true dat.

Anonymous said...

Roo's = Kangaroo fuckers aka Byron

Anonymous said...


If ANYTHING like this receives support and approval from the UMKC administration, it will signal the death knell for the university. The last thing they need to do is embrace and encourage some stereotypical black slang culture!

The Phantom is a fairy.