Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tragic Kansas Milton Wolf X-Ray Advert

Here's another look at a tea party implosion . . .

The ad calls out the guy for "relentlessly poking fun at the dead and wounded" and that's not the worst of it.

Here's the money line:

"If Milton Wolf is so irresponsible as a doctor, how could he possibly be trusted as a U.S. Senator?"

Like it or not, this ad is WAAAAAAAY more effective than insights into where Pat Roberts parks his Lazy-Boy recliner.

H/T Mahoney blog

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Anonymous said...

The guy is a loon.

I don't care about his politics.

The thing I care about is this guy is a doctor. He is dragging all the people that work with this guy down. The doctors and others that work with him are now subject to his ctazy.

If you read the comments he made, he is making fun of hospitals, people, other doctors, patients, well, heck, everyone is a target for this guy. If most of us, as low-on-the-totem pole working class people, would run around and act like this, the majority of us would have a boot in the butt. This man has "I am so holy" doctor disease. He is a problem. He would have been a silent nutcase and a pain in the rear UNLESS he decided to run for office.

Seriously, his partners at his radiology firm need to get rid of the problem. The hospitals need to fire this guy for stealing and publishing their property. The employees that participate with him on social media need the can as well.

He's a bad apple. We are all born with a noose, and this guy is in love with using his.

I wish I could feel sorry for him, but his vanity and over inflated sense of self worth make it almost impossible.

He makes doctors look bad. The crazy thing is, he did it all by himself. He can't blame anyone.

Anonymous said...

Even US Senators pay to play on TKC.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not a senator. No senators here.