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Tonight we want to offer one of the finest and most important studies of the Kansas City crime dilemma that we've ever featured on this blog.

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Dr. Evans is an exceptionally knowledgeable professor and advocate for local police -- Tonight he explains his research with comparative analysis, stats and a very nuanced perspective on local crime.

Here's one of the most interesting passages that we want to preview . . .

"As a faithful reader of the very fine local blog Tony's Kansas City I am well aware that whenever Tony posts something about the crime situation in KCMO there will be a flood of (anonymous) comments to the effect "what do you expect from a bunch of blacks." Well, my answer is that I expect a lot because there is nothing about the black population of KCMO either racially or culturally that prevents crime from being brought under control. As proof of this one only has to look at my home town of Washington, DC. Washington, DC has a total population of about 650,00--400,000 black, 250 other races. In 2013 DC had a total of 104 homicides--given that the city is 50% bigger than KCMO, it has a much lower per capita homicide rate than KCMO. The brillant leadership by Chier Cathy Lanear of the DC Police Department has turned that city's crime problem around: In 1992 there were nearly 500 homicides in DC. If crime can be brought under control in the black neighborhoods of DC there is no reason to believe that the same cannot be done in KCMO."

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Read for yourself . . .

The Current (Feb 8, 2014) Crime Situation In KCMO By Dr. Ernest Evans

"With Malice Toward None, and With Charity Toward All"

Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural

Crime Situation in KCMO in 2013
The homicide total in KCMO fell slightly in 2013 compared to 2012--from 109 to 106. However, around the nation most other large cities had much larger drops in their homicide stats: As Ms. Christine Vendel of the Star noted in an article on Jan. 1, 2014 the ten largest cities in the US registered an average drop in the number of homicides of 15.9%. As far as the racial breakdown of the homicide stats, the pattern that we have seen since the spring of 2008 is continuing: In 2007 there were 94 homicides--62 black and 32 other races. In every year since 2007 there has been a significantly higher homicide total for black homicides than there was in 2007, while homicides for other races have declined from their total in 2007 or stayed ths same. So, crime-wise, since the spring of 2008 KCMO has been "A Tale of Two Cities"--the crime rate in the black neighborhoods of the city has increased considerably, while in the white/asian/hispanic neighborhoods of the city crime has declined or stayed steady. Also, the per capita rate of homicides in KCMO is quite high by national standards: The city in the nation with the most homicides is Chicago--in spite of LA and NYC being considerably larger cities population-wise. In Chicago in 2013 the homicide rate per 100,000 citizens was 16--in KCMO it was 23 per 100,000 citizens. Finally, while our clearance rate for homicides has improved from the quite low levels of 2009 and 2010, we are still at only about 55% clearance rate for homicides--compared to a national average of 63% clearance rate.

Erroneous Ideas About KCMO Crime

People evaluating crime in KCMO often fall into two statistical "traps" when looking at the city's crime data. The first is to note, correctly, that homicides have fallen since the early 1990's--in our highest year for homicides (1993) we had 153 homicides, compared to 106 in 2013. However, this analysis misses the point that all over the nation homicide totals have been falling since the early 1990's--in NYC in 1992 there were 2250 homicides while in 2013 there were 326; in Los Angeles County there were 1500 homicides in 1990 compared to 500 in 2010. So, that KCMO's homcides since the early 1990's is hardly news--what is news is that in percentage terms our fall in homicides has been one of the lowest of any large city in the nation. Second, the argument is made that while homicides have surged in KCMO's black neighborhoods since the spring of 2008 other forms of violent crime are down in these neighborhoods. This argument ignores a fact that has long been apparent to students of crime: There is an inverse relationship between statistics on homicides and statistics on other forms of violent crime. When there is a surge of homicides in certain neighborhoods of a city, other forms of violence in those neighborhoods "fall"--they do not actually fall, it is simply that the gangs and the criminal elements have gotten so strong that people are afraid to report crimes. The converse is also true: When homicides decline significantly, other forms of crime "increase" because people have less fear of reporting crime. In Chicago in 2012 there was a major surge of homicides--and other forms of crime "fell." In NYC in 2012 there was a major decline in homicides--and other forms of crime "rose." Put simply, the full extent of the crime disaster in the black neighborhoods of KCMO since the spring of 2008 is not reflected in the ostensible crime statistics.

What Does Not Cause High Homicide Rates in the Black Neighborhoods of KCMO

As a faithful reader of the very fine local blog Tony's Kansas City I am well aware that whenever Tony posts something about the crime situation in KCMO there will be a flood of (anonymous) comments to the effect "what do you expect from a bunch of blacks." Well, my answer is that I expect a lot because there is nothing about the black population of KCMO either racially or culturally that prevents crime from being brought under control. As proof of this one only has to look at my home town of Washington, DC. Washington, DC has a total population of about 650,00--400,000 black, 250 other races. In 2013 DC had a total of 104 homicides--given that the city is 50% bigger than KCMO, it has a much lower per capita homicide rate than KCMO. The brillant leadership by Chier Cathy Lanear of the DC Police Department has turned that city's crime problem around: In 1992 there were nearly 500 homicides in DC. If crime can be brought under control in the black neighborhoods of DC there is no reason to believe that the same cannot be done in KCMO. Finally, let us stop pretending that KCMO much too high homicide totals are due to the recession: Around the country most cities have had major falls in homicide totals since the recession began in 2008; our city's crime problems are not due to a lot recently unemployed fathers killing people to as to feed their hungry children; however comforting it is to believe such politically correct nonsense.

The Phenomenon of "De-Policing"

Police officers are required to do, and to do on a regular basis, a most un-PC thing: Use violence against racial minorities. And, while people whose only knowledge of police works comes from watching TV may not appreciate this fact, police work always looks terrible on camera--as a number of police officers over the years have told me: "Doc, there is no such thing as a nice takedown, they all look terrible on camera." So, if police officers are going to have the morale and motivation to fight black-on-black crime, they have to be assured that if accused of racism they will get due process and fair media coverage; remember, the great bulk of blacks killed are killed by other blacks--93% of the black people killed last year were killed by other blacks--so when cops stop fighting black-on-black violence violence in black neighborhoods explodes. This phenomenon of cops abandoning their duties in black neighborhoods is called "De-Policing." There are a number of contemporary examples of such "De-Policing." In NYC in 1987-1993 there was a crime disaster set in motion by the Tawana Brawley case. Ms. Brawley was a black teenager who claimed to have been gang-raped by six white police officers. In 1989 a grand jury ruled that she had fabricated the story, but by then the damage was done: The local media gave the story massive and quite sensational coverage--and community leaders held angry meeting where they shook the rafters with cries for "swift justice" with "no legal niceties." (Pardon me for mentioning this, but when I was growing up in the South in the 1950's and 1960's the people who called for "swift justice" with "no legal niceties" wore white robes and burned crosses. In the immortal words of Pogo: "We have met the enemy, and he is us." Al Sharpton, meet your "soul mate": David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan!!) Crime exploded in the black neighborhoods of NYC in 1987-1993--in 1993 there were 2250 homicides in NYC, a massively disporportionate number of them in black neighborhoods. (As I noted above, in 2013 there were 326 homicides in NYC.) In Cincinnati in the spring of 2001 there were several days of rioting after a black teenager was shot by a white police officer--same reaction as in NYC with the Brawley case on the part of the local media and the community leaders--In 2000 there were 22 homicides in Cincinnati; in 2001 there were 40 and in 2002 there were 52--with all of the increase coming in the black neighborhoods of the city. And Prince George's County, Maryland has been in the middle of a homicide explosion since 2001 that has earned it the name of "Gory Prince George's": in 2000 there were 71 homicides in PGC, in 2001 there were 123--in 2005 they set a county record with 173 homicides. Even total the homicide totals for PGC are well above what they were in 2000. The reason for this crime disaster are pretty straightforward: In 2001 in a prosecution that was widely seen as heavily politicized a young policewoman named Stephanie Mohr was sentenced to eight years in a federal prison for civil rights charges. The rest of the cops in PGC took notice and acted accordingly, as this quote from a PGC officer shows: "We on the PGPD for the most part are now looking the other way. After almost (deleted) years on the job I find this disheartening but a necessary fact tosurvive in today's, what appears to most officers, an ANTI-POLICE environment. We are even being told by some supervisors to keep a low profile so 'you're not next on the front page.' "

The Sofia Salva Case and "De-Policing" in KCMO

This brings us to the Sofia Salva tragedy. In Feb. 2006 two KCPD officers stopped Ms. Salva for a traffic violation. Ms. Salva was pregnant--she had a miscarriage the next day. In response, Ms. Salva got a large financial settlement from the city and the two officers were fired. Before I go on to discuss the impact of this tragedy on the crime situation in KCMO, I feel that in the interest of full disclosure I should note my personal connection to the case. I am part of a Catholic prayer group that meets once a week. At our meeting after the Salva video was released we debated what we should do about this tragic incident. One young woman spoke up: "Our duty as Christians is clear: We much reach out ministerially to all three people in the video. We must act as the Amish did in reaching out to the family of the man who killed their children. Our Lord has taught us to hate sin, not the sinner." So, we did reach out to all three people: We had Masses celebrated for them, we prayed regularly for them, we sent them "Thinking of You" cards, and we bought each of the three a copy of the famous book "When Bad Things Happen to Good People." I make no apologies for what my prayer group did in this matter--we feel that it is what Jesus would have done. There were several local ministers who were "all over the media" on the Salva tragedy--I wrote to all of them, told them what my prayer group was doing, and, Christian to Christian, asked them to do the same. It greatly saddens me to report that all of them refused my request to reach out ministerially to all three of the individuals. I would be the first to admit that I am a miserable excuse for a Christian, but I really did expect better from ordained ministers.

One can debate whether the two officers should have been fired, but I do not want to deal with that issue in this memo. Rather, I want to discuss how the way that this tragedy was handled by the journalists, politicians and community leaders in KCMO played a major role in the crime disaster in our city's black neighborhoods since the spring of 2008. With a few honorable exceptions, the local media covered the Salva case in a totally one-sided, sensationalistic and inflamatory way: It is my professional judgment, and the judgment of a number of highly-respected experts with whom I consulted on this case, that the city's journalists' coverage of this case brought the city within inches of what could have been the worst race riot since Tulsa in 1921. (Several hundred people died in that riot in Tulsa.) Now, in human terms I understand why the city's journalists acted as they did: Dan Rather said it best when he said: "Fear haunts every newsroom in America." By this he meant fear of the Patriotism Police of the conservatives and the Politically Correct Police of the liberals. For journalists all over the country charges of "lacking patriotism" or "apologising for racism" have been career-enders. Any journalist in KCMO who made any attempt to cover the Salva tragedy in a fair way would have been open to charges of "racism"--quite possibly followed by a pink slip. As for the community leaders, they made a major mistake when they compromised the fairness of the judicial process by threatening a convention boycott if the officers were not fired--the city could ill afford to ignore such a threat in the aftermath of the convention boycott over the Frances Sempler appointment. Again, in human terms I understand why the community leaders acted as they did: Racist brutality against minorities by law enforcement personnel is an ugly reality in our society. But by compromising the integrity of the judicial process they set a dangerous precedent: Every cop in the KCPD knows that if accused of racism they will not get even a pretense of due process from a city administration terrified of a convention boycott. The final stage in the crime disaster unleashed by the Salva case came with the April 11, 2008 Police Board meeting on this case. In this meeting commissioners Terry Brady, Mark Thompson, and Karl Zobrist did not make even a pretense of being fair--instead, they spent four hours falling all over themselves to denounce the two officers. I don't want to sound like a broken record but, again, in human terms, I know why the commissioners acted as they did: Had they conducted the meeting in a fair way, the local journalists and community leaders would have gone ballistic with charges of racism.

The disastrous impact of the April 11, 2008 Police Board meeting on crime in the city's black neighborhoods can be seen in the following chart:

Homicides in East Patrol District (Predominantly Black District Where the Salva Incident Took Place)

2007: First Four Months of Calender Year: 10 Homicides

2007: Last Eight Months of Calender Year: 20 Homicides

2008: First Four Months of Calender Year: 10 Homicides

2008: Last Eight Months of Calender Year: 50 Homicides (August 2008 was the month with the highest monthly total for homicides in the city's history--a massively disproportionate number of the homicides in that month took place in the East Patrol District.) None of the other five patrol districts in the city registered any significant increase in homicides in 2008 over 2007.

In sum, in the aftermath of that April 11, 2008 Police Board meeting any meaningful sense of law and order collapsed in the East Patrol District--not until well into 2009 was some semblance of order restored in that district.

What is to Be Done? (With Apologies to V I Lenin)

If the city is to get its crime problems under control, the still open wound of the Salva tragedy must be addressed. I have talked this matter over with a number of people around the country who are experts on crime and violence, and our recommendations for the city are as follows: The city's journalists must be prepared to say, and to say openly, that in future cases of alleged police misconduct they will cover the cases fairly and objectively. In this connection I am most pleased to note that Ms. Elizabeth Alex of Channel 41 has bravely defied the local versions of the PC Police and offered to do a fair interview with former officer Melody Spencer once her legal case with the city is settled. (The local press was particularly savage on Ms. Spencer because they felt that as a woman she should have been more sensitive to Ms. Salva's condition.) Ms. Alex's courage shows that the spirit of the late, great Edward R. Murrow is not dead with respect to American journalism!! Next, the city's community leaders must say, and say openly, that in future cases of police misconduct they will not compromise the judicial process by threatening a convention boycott. As for the Police Board, they must say, and say openly, that in future cases they will be sure to give any accused officers due process. Finally, as a token of their determination not to let something like this happen again, the city administration must be willing to give substantial financial compensation to the two officers for denying them due process, and should handle their termination from the KCPD in such a way that if they want to pursue police work in another city that they option is open to them.

Conclusion: Wisdom From "The Battle of Algiers"

The best film ever made about terrorism is the 1965 film "The Battle of Algiers." It is a dramatic recreation of the fighting in the city of Algiers in 1957 between the French military and the Algerian rebels. There is a scene in this film that has some wise advice for all of us here in the KC-area. A French colonel is giving a briefing to the press about how the French military has greatly lowered rates of terrorism in the city of Algiers. A journalist asks a blunt question: "Colonel, is it true that you have achieved these results using torture and death squads?" The colonel pauses for a moment, and then says; "Everyone in France says that we must put down this revolt, that Algeria must remain part of France. If you want Algeria to remain part of France, you must accept the consequences." There is nothing harder to do in life than to admit mistakes. In handling the Salva tragedy lots of people in KCMO, including me, made major mistakes. But, and here is the bottom line: If we remain unwilling to admit making our mistakes and also unwilling act to correct them, there is every reason to believe that the crime disaster in KCMO's black neighborhoods that began in the spring of 2008 will continue. So, if the city's journalists, politicians and community leaders do not want to correct their mistakes, they must accept the consequences: A continuation of the disasterous crime situation we have been living with in the city's black neighborhoods since the spring of 2008.


Anonymous said...

Tell Dr. Evans thank you TKC.

There is a lot of great information in his report.

Definitely a must read.

Anonymous said...

And the mayor of that record setting 1993 figure of 153? Yep, Mr. Car Wash himself.

Anonymous said...

With no disrespect intended, is there a TLDR available?

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I blame the CreetStar

Anonymous said...

I like Dr. Evans, but in his hometown of Washington DC, there is a declining number of African Americans and the African Americans there are making bank off of the goverrnment jobs they have, hence less African American crime.

Here is the racial elephant in the room. DC’s black population has been declining for more than three decades. In 1970, DC was 71.1 percent black, an all-time high. By 1990, a year before the murder peak, it was 65.8 percent black, and there were 474 homicides. A decade later, DC was down to 60 percent black, and the homicide count dropped in half to 242. DC lost more than 56,000 black residents during the 1990s, more than in any other decade.

Washington’s black percentage dropped to 50.7 percent by 2010, as 38,162 more blacks left the city, despite overall population growth of 29,664 from 2000 to 2010. During the 2000s, homicides declined from 242 to 132. There is a racial element to DC’s declining homicide rate, but don’t expect to read about it in any newspapers.

Where are blacks going? Most have crossed to Maryland and settled in Prince George’s County (PGC), alongside an increasing number of Hispanic residents. The result is that PGC is more dangerous. In 2000, PGC was 27 percent white, 62.7 percent black, and 7.1 percent Hispanic and there were 71 homicides. By 2010, the population was 19.2 percent white, 64.5 percent black, and 14.9 percent Hispanic and there were 90 homicides. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of homicides in PGC increased by 26.8 percent, while its overall population increased by only 7.7 percent. Last year, there were 99 homicides in PGC.

Anonymous said...


Despite the decline in murders, the District remains dangerous. With its 2010 rate of 21.94 murders per 100,000 residents, DC ranked 13th worst among all U.S. cities with at least 100,000 residents. To put DC’s figures in perspective, when the District hit a 38-year low for homicides with 109, Arlington County, Virginia, just across the river and with more than one-third the population of DC, had no homicides. Arlington is 8.23 percent black.

As is true with many cities, homicides in DC are clustered in the low-income black areas. In fact, of the 109 DC homicides in 2011, 96 were in census tracts that are majority black (and four were in majority-Hispanic tracts). Of the city’s 109 homicides, 80 took place in the two eastern quadrants, which tend to be heavily black. The census tracts around Capitol Hill, which saw only one of those 80 homicides, are the only white-majority neighborhoods in the eastern half of the city.

The two main areas of DC where blacks have been displaced are Capitol Hill and the Logan Circle/U Street neighborhoods. Capitol Hill, once considered DC’s deadliest neighborhood, is now well over 70 percent white, and has seen only six homicides in the last seven years. Logan Circle, where two decades ago one could drive by and easily pick up a prostitute, has seen only two homicides within a three-block radius of the circle in the last seven years. Massive drop offs in homicides in these two neighborhoods account for a large part of DC’s lower tallies.

The progress that Washington, DC has made in reducing murders is commendable. If advances in science and policing techniques continue as expected, and the city’s economy and racial demographics stay roughly the same, we should expect another decrease for 2012. And should the phenomenon of “black flight” from DC continue, homicide numbers will drop accordingly, as they would in any city where this happens. At the same time, if blacks continue to resettle next door in Prince George’s County, the murder rate there will rise.

jodi hi roller said...

dr. evans,
thanks for taking the time to write this piece, but:

1. equivocating the actions of black leaders in ny after the tawana brawley case to the klan is disturbing and displays either a lack of familiarity with or a whitewashing of kkk history. no one was strung up on trees and no churches were bombed in the aftermath of tawana brawley. the kkk were racist, antisemitic, anti labor, anti immigrant, women hating terrorists. its an unfair comparison and weakens your argument.

2. you also lose points for bringing up algeria. did you actually watch that film and sympathize with the french colonialists? surely you know that wasnt the intention of the filmmakers, who sought to portray the french, validly, as the villains. likening policing black neighborhoods to the french military occupation of algeria is just weird and also gets us nowhere. one major difference is that black people in the us actually have political representation, though lets be honest like all our political leaders the black ones arent exactly the bees knees.

anyways theres my two cents. enjoy yalls saturday nights.

Anonymous said...

Does he advocate a 1,000 room hotel or streetcars as a solution? Then he must be wrong. said...

Forget Tawana Brwley, the RACE HOAX industry is alive and well. This is just last month from Piers Morgan, that bastion of journalism in the free world.

Anonymous said...

For Dr. Evans-

A racial-profiling lawsuit over the New York Police Department’s “stop, question and frisk” policies is now in the hands of a judge whose decision is expected within weeks. Many New Yorkers watched the two-and-a-half-month trial nervously, concerned that a ruling against the NYPD by U.S. District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin could spell an end to a police practice that helped the city achieve an astonishing drop in violent crime.

But non-New Yorkers would do well to worry about the case too. A decision against the NYPD would almost certainly inspire similar suits by social-justice organizations against police departments elsewhere. The national trend of declining crime could hang in the balance. And the primary victims of such a reversal would be the inner-city minorities whose safety seems not to figure into attempts to undermine successful police tactics.

New York-style policing—including the practice of stopping, questioning and sometimes frisking individuals engaged in suspicious behavior—ought be the city’s most valued export. Since the early 1990s, New York has experienced the longest and steepest crime drop in the modern history of policing. Murders have gone down by nearly 80%, and combined major felonies by nearly 75%. No other American metropolis comes close to New York’s achievement. Bostonians are twice as likely to be murdered as New Yorkers, and residents of Washington, D.C., three times as likely.

Anonymous said...


The biggest beneficiaries of a dramatically safer New York have been law-abiding residents of formerly crime-plagued areas. Minorities make up nearly 80% of the drop in homicide victims since the early 1990s. New York policing has transformed inner-city neighborhoods and allowed their hardworking members a once-unthinkable freedom from fear.

But the city’s policing, whose key elements include the rigorous analysis of crime data and commander accountability for public safety, also has been dogged by misconceptions, including the notion that New York policing is racist.

That perception is what drove the just-completed litigation. The suit, Floyd v. New York, specifically targeted stop, question and frisk (critics chronically leave out the “question” part, even though only about half of stops go beyond questioning to actually entail a frisk). This practice, sanctioned by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1968, is at the revolutionary core of New York policing, which aims to stop crime before it happens, rather than simply react to crime after the fact by making an arrest. If a neighborhood has been plagued by purse-snatchings, for example, and an officer sees someone walking closely behind an elderly lady while looking furtively over his shoulder, the cop might stop him and ask a few questions. The stop may avert a theft without resulting in an arrest.

Anonymous said...


The Center for Constitutional Rights and lawyers from the elite law firm of Covington & Burling, however, charge in Floyd that such proactive tactics are discriminatory, since blacks and Hispanics make up the large majority of individuals stopped and questioned by NYPD cops. The claim ignores the reality that the preponderance of crime perpetrators, and victims, in New York are also minorities. Blacks, for example, constituted 78% of shooting suspects and 74% of all shooting victims in 2012, even though they are less than 23% of the city’s population.

Whites, by contrast, committed just over 2% of shootings and were under 3% of shooting victims in 2012, though they are 35% of the populace. Young black men in New York are 36 times more likely to be murdered than young white men—and their assailants are virtually always other black (or Hispanic) males.

Given such a crime imbalance, if the NYPD focuses its resources where people most need protection, the effort will inevitably produce racially disparate enforcement data. Blacks, at 55% of all police-stop subjects in 2012, are actually understopped compared with their 66% representation among violent criminals.


The Obama Justice Department, which has launched multiple civil-rights actions against police departments across the country, declined a 2012 request from some New York City Council members to investigate the NYPD for its stop practices. Yet Judge Scheindlin is unlikely to be so circumspect in her ruling. It was Judge Scheindlin, after all, who invited the Center for Constitutional Rights to fileFloydin the first place, after the center missed a deadline to extend an earlier stop, question and frisk ruling of hers that required the collection of the racial stop data now fuelingFloyd. If she rules against the NYPD again, the city would most likely be saddled with a costly consent decree like Oakland’s, which puts a federal judge in ultimate control of police policy

Pootie Tang said...

In a Pootie Tang administration, Dr. Evans would be the Police and Fire Chief and the City Manager. Why not a common sense approach. Dr Ernest speaks the truth. While Pooite and Dr. Ernest are usually on the opposite side of the law, for the betterment of CK, Pootie will set-aside his ho's empire while serving as Mayor.

Anonymous said...

What's Ernest Evans think about the fucking Polar Bear ?

Jim Claxton NKC said...

I really appreciate the work Dr. Evans has done. Why aren't we putting this study into action? It seems like we need to put people who know about crime into positions where we can use their skills and abilities. Instead the Mayor's crime commission is just filled with cronies. said...

Dr Evans, read this.

Liberal or Republican, Demo or conservative, this has it all. said...

This article is really interesting (noted above) because towards the end, it states that Liberal elites are behind immigration to replace blacks with their concomitant and irreversible crime rates with Hispanics. It is really interestring.

Anonymous said...

Stop and frisk is the only, ONLY known tool for the mitigation of black crime in big cities. said...

Blacks are being displaced in DC.

This from the New York Times.

chuck said...

At this point, who amongst us can deny Pootie's altruism and dedication to public service?

Anonymous said...

true dat chuck

Anonymous said...

As long as the mayor, council, and police board aren't reallu involved in any serious way in addressing KCMO's crime problems. And as long as they are constantly looking for some nonprofits or out-of-town programs that they can try to dump their responsiblities on to and then not in any way hold accountable for results. And as long the the police are afraid to aggressively police the high-crime areas because they know they'd be attacked by the usual east side "leaders" and the elected and appointed people they work for would throw them under the bus (Just like recently happened with Jermaine Reed), nothing seriouis is going to be done and nothing good is going to happen.
All the ideas, studies, initiatives, and programs in the world woun't have any effect without leadership, making crime a high priority, management, and holding people accountable for results.
A status quo is hard to change and isn't about to change itself. Even when the collateral damage is over 100 murders year after year.
A pitiful, unacceptable, and completely unnecessary tragedy.

jodi hi roller said...

fucking a, please stop copying and pasting lengthy articles from other sources onto a comments section. thats some basic etiquette right there. also its not that hard to format a link in HTML, white supremacist link guy. you can even put that you know how to do it on your resume. said...

Here are some pics of jodi hi roller's cousins.

You mean like this, right fuckhead?

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Why can't the mayor and city council have an intelligent conversation on this subject instead of just ignoring it?

Harry Stone said...

Links or no links, copy and paste, who the fuck cares, I am still dead.

cml said...

Is the knockout game bad etiquette?

Byron Funkhouser said...

Why should they be any different than anyone else?

Jodi's trying to have an intelligent conversation with the link spammer. He showed his colors with his 6:28 comment. He doesn't have any solutions except the 'final solution', which sane people have rejected. The crime problem is a class issue, not a race issue.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Byron, it IS a race issue, as defined categorically in the 6:02 link.

Please read it, then respond. At least LOOK at the evidence before somnambulistically parroting the "Hive Mind" narrative.

Anonymous said...

Byron, emerging from his comfortable, unthinking myopia, realizes he is out of his element, burdoned with his 132 IQ, and returns to the Liberal cocoon of government subsidy.

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Byron must be running out of money. Pfft, budget Byron.
Jodi nor Byron have a solution, except more money for "poor folks". They are the problem!

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Link "spammer" works harder than Byron. He will fight all night with his soul!

Blight Me KC said...

Crime is directly connected to the corruption being displayed from the current council and judicial branch of government. When folks do not have an adequate forum for which to resolve disputes, crime can be the only solution. Where there is justice, there is peace.

Anonymous said...

6:43 Good one! Maybe a Zombie?

jodi hi roller said...

No I mean like this, 628. I'll bet this list contains both Pootie and your mother .

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7:01 Right On Lighting my incense!

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7 :02 canker sore. Don't open said...

I am a lot more worried about jodi's cousins than some 18th century paramours.

Again, here are jodi's cuzins.

Thousands of attacks, every year.

Fat white girls don't want to kill you.

jodi hi roller said...

I think we all know that lots of people visit tonys and very few comment. As some dude said the other day, most of these boards are full of "bottom of the barrel" people like 7:11. barely literate, extremely closed minded, not much going for them in life. I simply stop by on occasion to offer some comedy and intelligence, as the overwhelming majority who comment here are neither smart nor funny.

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Byron, white negro, is that Dirty D Carl from Mission Hills in jail wit u ? Damn shagger honkies don't know about politicin.

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what does the polar bear think about all this

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Check The Kansas City Nigger sitcheeashun !

cml said...

Jodi thinks noticing reality is racist

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Kids behave before Tony sends you all to your basements

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Pootie Carl is back

Anonymous said...

Response To Dr. Evans Post:

1) As is your modus operandi, I see you once again begin with a historical figure's quote which is irrelevant.

2) Agreed, Christine Vendel is an excellent writer.

3) "the crime rate in the black neighborhoods of the city has increased considerably, while in the white/asian/hispanic neighborhoods of the city crime has declined or stayed steady." Too bad you didn't define what constitutes a "black", "white", "asian" or "hispanic" neighborhood, as this gets to the heart of your beloved statistics.

4) In addition to #3 above, who determines the race of a homicide victim? Has there been any change in this classification system since the 1990's? If I'm a light-skinned biracial (black/latino) homicide victim, my death is recorded in what column? By whom?

5) If you're reporting on KCMO crime, please edit and delete all references to Chicago, NYC, LA, D.C., etc. Stick to what you purport to know.

6) "Police officers are required to do,and to do on a regular basis, a most un-PC thing: Use violence against racial minorities." Overlooking the grammatical jumble present here, the statement is incorrect or so we should hope! Police officers required to use violence on a regular basis against minorities? I suspect you've instantly caught the ears of some local attorneys with that statement! Did you mean to say that police officers use an appropriate physical response to criminal suspects, regardless of their race?

7) Yes, yes, you've previously discussed your theory of "de-policing" and while I thought you were intending to write about KCMO, here you're off on tangents like NYC, Tawana Brawley, your Southern upbringing, Pogo, the KKK, Cincinnati, Maryland, etc. This is KCMO, got it?

8) Sofia Salva! OMG!!! How many times are you going to keep regurgitating your words on this case?

9) "What is to be done? .....I have talked this matter over with a number of people around the country.....and our recommendations for the city are as follows: " How and why did you appoint yourself an uninvited consultant to the city regarding their police department?

10) "Conclusion: Wisdom From The Battle of Algiers" There you go again! Yet another irrelevant random quote/reference to something external to the topic at hand.

For a posting of such length, there was actually very little information pertaining to the title "The Current (Feb. 8, 2014) Crime Situation In KCMO By Dr. Ernest Evans" of the article.

I regret to inform Dr. Evans that this effort warrants a failing grade, and I would particularly point out the redundant use of previous material, as well as the off-topic ramblings of distraction.

The Prophet

Anonymous said...

Why is this the only place that we can have an intelligent conversation about crime in KC?
This is the #1 issue KC needs to address!
Big thanks to TKC.

Anonymous said...

8:26 do bring up some good points said...

8:26 posts, should be posted on the facebooks of victims of Black on white crime.

The sickening truth, is that, for decades, yes, decades, black on white crime is excused and encouraged by the sick, sick, sick, 4th estate, the media, who indoctrinates our children to drink the Jm Jones kool aid.

Here is the TRUTH!!

Hey jodi, you cunt liar, click on the truth, then call white boys racist.

Anonymous said...


Your post, an apology, has already been reviewed in the 60's and 70's.

Trillions of dollars to pretend that our society will be better b way of equal outcome legislatltion, is fucked.

Goddamn you and your children to servitude, slavery and destruction, the every day evidence here in our country, in Detroit.

Fuck Detroit.

God bless Tommy Robinson.

Anonymous said...

Before you miserable fucks go to bed tonight, let me offer you this.

That is right, you fucking cunts have never heard of these people, but, on a daily basis, in the KC Star, you idiot fucks, think Jenee's hsuband will be shot dead by an enraged suburban white boy.

Black on white crime is an every day fact.

Cringe, bow down, get under your desk.

Anonymous said...

Byron is black everyone. He acts white to show the real white folks that a disguised white man goes against whitey. Go fuck yourself Byron!

Anonymous said...

So glad you morons are having fun dissecting the truth.

Blacks will kill, rape and murder your family, YOUR family if you are "In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time".

Let me translate that for you.

You are fucked, like so many, if you encounter, thugs in superior numbers.

It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jodi. Nothing to do on Saturday night.
I know, I just got up 2pee.

Anonymous said...

Stop ragging on Detroit. They at least have faced the problems the hard way. KC is there.

Anonymous said...

Why, why would anyone with an ounce sense, not understand, that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, HJLN and the majority of the main stream media slant, lie and twist the truth, in an effort to re enforce a position that sucks the life out of middle class Americans?

The paradigm in place, feeds the sick, twisted narrative that everything wrong in the world is because of white European culture.

White, European culture is what everyone on this globe, wishes they were living in.

Go to Haiti, to Detroit, to the Sudan, to any black run nation, state, city and you will see the results of a "Detroit" mentality, that runs, runs, runs this America today.

Idiot fucks, from far away, would turn over governance to blacks based on liberal, ethnomsochisitic paradigms, which, will sell your children into slavery, servitude and the destruction that jodi hi roller envisions in a BET video, where reparations are paid in blood.

Not that long ago, the phrase, "Fight the Power" was a clarion call for blacks, beat down by the "System".

Wake up white boys, jodi and her ilk, now run this country.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr. Ernest Evans for the information. I always appreciate reading your information. I've been studying the crime problem in K.C.M.O. for more than two decades.

Anonymous said...

I think Koch Industries run the country?

Anonymous said...

he cheats in chess too

Anonymous said...

Sure a lot of words to simply point out that niggers are worthless animals and should be eliminated.

Pootie Tang said...

Carl from Mission Hills, honkie, wherez Pooties campaign money. We's getz drunk on MY Ripple, and you runs off wit my campaign money and my ho's. Homez, I thought wez be tight and you abscoundrel da Pootie.

Anonymous said...

I like Byron.

Anonymous said...

Attention TKC: The Polar Bear has spoken regarding the Toy Train, the New Airport, the Ape looking Mayor, the candidate best qualified to lead KC out of the hood, Alonzo, crime in KC, Craig Glazer, Bill Negro, Tony, Byron and the Cum Guy.

For details, see the Alonzo love fest posted by Taco Tony early Sunday morning.

Anonymous said...

It really just takes a change in their hearts said: I have idea, let's just rewrite the criminal code in Missouri, that should lower the crime rate..or would that just be cookin the books?

Flint Lock said...

I support Pootie Tang's bid to become Mayor. It's going to take "
pimpin skills" to turn this shit hole around.

We need to start a Pootie 4 Mayor posting. That will shake up City Hall. Being attacked by a figurative "pimp" on a Mexican blog. Everything the establishment hates.

Dr. Ernest Evans said...

Hi There!! My thanks to all of the members of my "Fan Club" for responding to my memo. Just a few comments:
1) 5:32 Anonymous: Your points on DC have some validity as far as the shifting demographics of the city: The city's overall level of prosperity has increased considerably in the past two decades and with the greater prosperity has come, predictably, a decline in crime. The point I was making was simply that while violence in DC's black neighborhoods remains a serious problem, the rates of crime in these neighborhoods is a lot lower than in most other big cities.
2)5:35 Anonymous: As far as Al Sharpton and the KKK, I fear that there are comparisons. In NYC in the early 1990's there was a grim joke: "Here in NYC we don't need the KKK to kill large numbers of black people--because we have Al Sharpton!!"
3) A number of the commentators talked about the policy in NYC of "Stop and Frisk." Personally, I feel that the crime fighting potential of this tactic is over-stated: It yields tactical intelligence at the price of an alienation of much of the city's black population from the NYPD--a result that seriously hurts crime-fighting efforts. Personally, I feel that the turn-around in the NYC crime situation was because for 20 years they had mayors who said emphatically that they would insist on due process for white cops accused of racism; that fact game the cops the confidence to go back to doing their jobs in black neighborhoods. KCMO take note: If tomorrow the KC Star would publish an editorial saying that in our society everyone, including white cops accused of racism, deserves due process, and if the mayor would issue a similar statement, it would do a lot to end the crime nightmare in our city's black neighborhoods that began in the spring of 2008.
4) 8:26 Prophet: Dear Mr. Prophet: You criticize my memo because I attempt to draw lessons for KCMO from other cities. That is how cities and states and the federal government learn about any policy problem--they look at other cases in other areas. There is a great deal that KCMO can learn from the experience of other cities when it comes to fighting crime. Take care and God bless!!

Well, again thank you all for taking the time to respond to my memo!! It is nice when one goes to the trouble of writing a long memo such as this that people take the time to read it!! Sincerely, REspectfully and In Christ, Ernest Evans

Anonymous said...

2:03 Ernest Evans,

"Fan Club"? Surely you jest! Or, perhaps we've discovered a salient clue to the good Dr.'s delusional state of mind.

In your response, I note that you chose to address "D.C., Al Sharpton, KKK, NYC, NYPD Stop and Frisk, etc." all of which have absolutely NOTHING to do with KCMO crime and conspicuously did NOT address the points I critiqued you on in your posting.

To paraphrase your own closing words, "it is nice when one goes to the trouble of writing a long memo...and makes it worthy of the time it takes to read it!"

In the Prophet's Name

Pootie Tang said...

Dr. Ernest, youz been hittin da Ripple today ? Damz. You soundin Dirty D.

Anonymous said...

Let the police do their job and the crime rate drops... Genius

You can't have it both ways when the kids and young adults feel they can do anything they want without repercussions.

Anonymous said...

bottom line: some parents do not parent their kids, and as a result they act up and break the law on the Plaza and elsewhere. no faith, ethics or morals.
also we need jobs jobs and more good jobs...but currently the good ones have been shipped to China.