Thursday, February 13, 2014


TKC NOTE: Here's a great take on recent pronouncement from consultants that didn't get much critical analysis in any other media outlet.

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First of all I think we should all remember these are “Consultants". They are paid to come to Kansas City and deliver the findings our Mayor, SOME City Council members and the ATAG Chairpersons want to hear.

It is clear that David Fowler, co-chair,  wants to build a new single terminal, he just can’t seem to disguise it. This is just not something I made up.  It has been obvious for some time; read Steve Paul’s article yesterday, he makes the same point.  The other co-chair is a little more subtle but will probably have a vested financial interest in construction of a new terminal.  I do believe there are members of the ATAG Group who are determined to do a fair analysis. At any rate, I think the public is smart enough to see what is going on and I am pleased Mr. Paul finally put it in print. I am embarrassed for the “Consultants” as they disparage the testimony of the airline executives.  Who knows more about running an airport and airlines than the executives who do it everyday?

The numbers are all good information but to think if ticket prices go up, it is not TAXING on the voters of the Kansas City area, is nonsense.  Who buys the tickets if not the traveling voters? The “Consultants” say we need more concessions to boost revenue.  That is probably correct but how many additional concessions do you have to sell to retire the additional $1.5 Billion in debt?  Concessions can be added during a remodel. We still owe over $250,000,000 on the existing airport. The “Consultants “ stated “fares are determined by national market trends”. The airline executives say fares are determined by demand. I remind everyone, the airline executives told us “ there are no other airlines standing in line to fly into Kansas City”.

The “Consultants” will be back in March with more information. I would register a guess they will attack the infrastructure of the terminals at that time. We heard earlier this week at the Public Forum, from a 25 year veteran who worked in the basement of the airport, the boilers and chillers along with other critical equipment at the airport has at lease 50% of its life left. He stated some minor plumbing fixes need to be made.  I think everybody realizes the airport needs come cosmetic uplift.  We do not need to spend $1.5 Billion to get this done.

A couple final questions:

1.) Southwest Airlines and I believe Delta Airlines stated they both have design and engineering firms within their companies.  These design and engineering departments work with  aviation departments and cities all over the country designing new airport facilities.  They offered to assist Kansas City and even offered to put a staff member in town and       available. Why haven’t we taken advantage of this offer?

2.)  If they tear down the three terminals we have, what are they going to do with the concrete and steel?  How much will this cost to remove.  $1.5 Billion is just the beginning!

Dan Coffey
Citizens for Responsible Government


Anonymous said...

The developers want to fast trac the airport and we're lucky if they even let us vote on it.

Anonymous said...

oh boo hoo what will they do with the debris?

We'll dump it on your front lawn.


Is this ALL you have, Dan?

Anonymous said...

omg debris

Anonymous said...

won't someone please think of the debris?

Anonymous said...

The consultant said passengers don't spend enough money "after " security. Could make 4 -5 million a year for airport if we change it.
Lets spend a BILLION to fix that….

Anonymous said...

5:49 what part of the scam u invalid in? I have a very good idea.

Anonymous said...

Fuck my fat fingers.

Anonymous said...

1) They are already involved. Heavily.

2) Ha ha ha ha hahaha. I'll bet it was hard to keep a straight face while typing this. Or to put it another way,

"omg debris"

Anonymous said...

Dan's kinda turning into the Alonzo Washington of KCI, too bad really.

p.s. debris!

Anonymous said...

Frasca & Assoc are a joke as consultants on this job! I was at the hearing! Where did they find these guys? Someone please check their credentials!! Wish we had a newspaper in KC!

Anonymous said...

If we want to spend $1 billion to make the airport better, let's build the light rail out there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this excellent post. Please keep us informed with developments.

Greedo said...

You know, light rail out to the airport actually makes sense. Maybe Clay wasn't as crazy as everyoje thought.

Anonymous said...

Very well written.

Anonymous said...

light rail to the airport is a fools errand.

No population. no density. too much distance. not enough use. there's a reason even major cities with extensive heavy and light rail networks often don't have connections to their airports.

light rail goes where there are people and jobs. in KC, the only place those things are concentrated is the river crown plaza corridor.

Larry said...

The Consultants are just PR people for the Mayor.
If they don't have more flights the same amount of people will go though the Airport don't see how that will bring in more dollars for the retail.
If it did bring in another $5 million a year don't see how that would pay off a new Airport that cost a Billion dollars.

Larry said...

Why would I wait out in the rain or cold for Light Rail when My wife could drop me off at the door
I live in the Northland,once I get in the car I don't want to unload my bags and wait heat,cold or snow.
The business people would expense the cab to the Airport or a limo.

Anonymous said...

Wyandotte county/Leavenworth county should just build a regional airport with plenty of room for expansion. It would serve one of the biggest drivers of revenue in the metro, Kansas Speedway. Then when it comes down to brass tacks they can lay out a sensible expansion plan to take over KCI.

It's a no brainer.

Anonymous said...

These "consultants", just like the folks brought in to push for moving the UMKC Arts campus downtown, recommending a Target store for the Citadel Plaza site at 63rd Street and Watkins Drive, expanding streetcar routes, building new airport terminals, or pretty much anything else are just flacks for the people who pay them.
Just like political consultants or pollsters.
Just follow the money and you'll save lots of time.

Anonymous said...

How sustainable is putting all that old debris is a landfill? Think the cost is a billion only?

What until BNIM turns it into a $2 billion dollar LEED platinum waste