Wednesday, February 05, 2014


TKC NOTE: Here's the FULL TEXT from Clay Chastain DEMANDING that Kansas City give consideration to his citywide election victory that nobody else in this conversation can claim. . .


Check it:

City must put CONSTITUTIONAL light rail initiative on upcoming August ballot alongside city's streetcar plan.

Community activist Clay Chastain...Feburary 5, 2014

Yesterday a most supreme court reigned in a most over-bearing government, and paved the way for the light rail initiative petition to be placed before Kansas City voters in the upcoming August election.

The city initiated a 2.5 year lawsuit seeking a declaration that the light rail initiative petition would, if approved by voters, violate the Missouri State Constitution.

Yesterday, the Missouri Supreme Court rejected that false notion. Furthermore, concurring Judge Wilson expressed, "his doubts that any city ordinance proposed pursuant to an initiative right reserved to the people in their CITY CHARTER can violate this constitutional provision." He said that a charter is to city government what the Missouri Constitution is to state government, and....the city has not followed the directives in Kansas City's Charter regarding initiatives.

What was confusing about the ruling is that the court cited that the petition ordinance does not specifically order the city to build the light rail-based transit system the petition voters signed in behalf of...if the taxes were approved. This part of the ruling must also be mystifying to the city since for the last 2.5 years they too thought it did.

Not only that, if the city were to now reject the idea of putting this light rail initiative on the August ballot...since it has now been ruled would be selective enforcement since the city has put all the previous light rail initiatives on the ballot that were formatted in ordinance identical to this one.

So why would the city challenge the ballot title language on this one as legally insufficient and drag out litigation another 2.5 years?

Is the city trying to protect its streetcar plan from a little competition?

This would be bad self-serving public policy, improper conduct in well as acting in bad faith. All are grounds for misfeasance of office.

The city should not worry about putting their streetcar plan and the light rail initiative on the same August ballot because Councilman Ed
Ford said in the Kansas City Star today that, "he was confident the city could put forth compelling arguments for why the streetcar plan is more reasonable than Chastain's light rail plan."

So what is the city afraid of?

Clay Chastain


Anonymous said...

Obviously the city is afraid of people voting.

Anonymous said...

The public picked up on economics real quick.

Blond Watermelon said...

Chastain says he is sorry

Union Station activist sought dates with signers of his petitions.


Clay Chastain apologized Monday for calling some women who signed his petitions and asking them for dates.

Holding a balloon that pictured a teddy bear and the words "I'm sorry," Chastain also acknowledged that he now understood that the descriptions of the women, which he wrote in the margins of his petitions, were offensive.

"I apologize to all the ladies of Kansas City, " Chastain said. "I'm not making excuses. I'm apologizing for inappropriate behavior."

A Kansas City political scientist said Chastain's apology didn't go far enough. He said Chastain had broken the public trust involving a civic institution - the initiative petition process, which citizens use to bypass government officials.

"As a citizen, I felt violated, and I'm outraged by his conduct," said Frank J. Smist Jr., chairman of the political science department at Rockhurst College. "He owes an apology to everyone, not just women. He's done a lot of damage."

Anne Nattinger, who signed one of the petitions, said she felt betrayed that Chastain was using the process to further his social life.

"I'm really disappointed. I signed the petition, and I felt proud I was part of the cause," Nattinger said. "I don't think any woman who has seen this will ever sign another one."

Nattinger said the notation "short cute yes" next to her name made her feel "creepy." She said Chastain should be stopped from doing petitions in the future "if he's going to be using it for a dating service."

Nattinger said she was not called, as some petitioners were.

For much of the 1990s, Chastain has circulated petitions in Westport and Brookside calling for public votes on various plans to renovate Union Station and the Liberty Memorial. His most recent drive concluded last week. In addition to his civic activism, Chastain has worked as an electrical engineer and a home remodeler.

On Sunday, The Kansas City Star reported that Chastain used the personal information to look up phone numbers and ask women out.

The Star also found 54 notations written on Chastain's petitions. They ranged from a star next to a woman's name to physical attributes, such as "tall blond," "pretty chunky blond," "blond bomb," "short cute," "beautiful hair," "small body," and "shook my hand, freckles."

Chastain explained one notation, "blond watermelon," as a reminder of what the woman was carrying from a grocery.

"That was not meant to be (sexually) suggestive," he said.

No such descriptions appeared beside the names of men who signed.

Chastain said Monday that the descriptions were spontaneous notes jotted down in the stress and weariness of grueling petition drives. "Maybe I was out in the sun too long, " he said. Chastain appeared to blame his predicament on city officials, who stalled three previous petition efforts with legal wrangling and appeals.

"The corrupt city of Kansas City has forced me for the last five years to do petition drive after petition drive after petition drive to get the right to vote, and, yes, this has hurt my social life," he said. "And when I've been on the petition trail I have asked a few women outand a few women have asked me out. I'm not going to apologize for liking women."

At his morning press conference, Chastain also apologized to his young daughter, who stood beside him and held a bouquet of roses.

"I misbehaved," Chastain said. "I didn't set a good example for my daughter. My daughter usually behaves better than I do."

August 12, 1997

Anonymous said...

WTF is with Clay Chastain and Byron? Two out of state morons that are psycho about CK. Do all cities have stalkers like these two? Creepy! Maybe the two of them should shack up and yell "CK!" while they bone each other.

the Editor said...

Right on, Clay! Virtually everything the City does, they try to use their pathetic charter to hide their corruption. No more. And the City will waste valuable resources in litigation (really to help their lawyer friends) and pass it off as a fruitful endeavor. Shame on City Hall and the legal department. You've been bullies long enough. It's time to start sanctioning licenses for these frivolous legal pursuits.

They do this hoping that the layman would simply give up believing the process to fight them is too cumbersome and involved. Like he said, its taken 2.5 years to learn something we already knew. I hope Clay is filing for disciplinary action against the attorney who filed the case.

Anonymous said...

good for clays would be good if the voters approve Clays plan and not the citys. than it can be called the chastian line.screw ed ford

Anonymous said...

3:17 PM You're wrong about Clay. I don't know about Byron but Clay is right on the money.

Anonymous said...

Jeeezus, what a creepy dude. Eeeeeewwwwww

Russ' Johnson said...

Clay can never beat me.

Steve Walters said...

Just because Chastain is a clod and a massively rude boor does not mean light rail is a bad idea for KC. Quite the contrary it is superior to that stupid streetcar in every way. Separate the creep from the concept. Put light rail on the ballot and let Kansas City's voters approve it.

Anonymous said...

Nice earring, sweetie, bet that's a big hit with the babes.

Anonymous said...

The City did put light rail on the ballot in 2008 you idiot and it got voted down big time.

Anonymous said...

It time to do recall of the whole bunch at city hall.It time to clean house for spring.

Anonymous said...

Okay folks, let's be adults here and not attack the people involved. If you are for or against the plan, debate your position. We are hardly inventing the wheel here, some cities have light rail and others have street cars. What are the pros and cons and lets compare and contrast these cities. I personally think light rail using existing rail lines is better.

cml said...

I don't know what I hate more clay or the toy train.

Anonymous said...

Neither is more annoying than the CK guy. Not the retard pardoy one. The guy who actually thinks its funny to write CK in every post he makes unironically.

Anonymous said...

The CK guy is about as annoying as Byron, and less entertaining than the cum guy.

That being said, I'm glad that Clay is holding this corrupt regime's feet to the fire. Go Clay!

Jackson County is the same way - maybe Mean Jean will do something about it by handing Tindall his ass; it would be a good move if she files for AG.

Anonymous said...

Some other cities have streetcars and some have light rail..of course some other cities even have elected mayors and councilmembers who pay attention to crime, streets, storm water, sewer systems, and all the other regular activities that residents in cities care about and want.
Maybe KCMO should start there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, cause you can't do more than one thing at a time in this life....

Pootie Tang said...

Wanna get rid of the Toy Train in CK? One man can get it done. Pootie Tang. Yes, Pootie can kill the Toy Train, plow the streets clean, stop the negros from killing crackers and themselves, get liquor at the Troost Aldi, and get Cindy Ciro to pose naked for Tony's KC. Only one man can get these things done. Pootie Tang.

Paid for by the Pootie for Mayor Committee, Carl from Mission Hills, Treasurer.

Anonymous said...

Pootie Tang is it not a conflict of interest between you and Clay Chastain? CK insiders say that Clay Chastain is one of your biggest customers. Clay want's a Toy Train so your whores can get to Midtown.

Anonymous said...

You a bad biddy fake pootie tang.

Anonymous said...

It's certainly possible for competent engaged people to do more than one thing in this life.
Unfortunately, the elected folks in KC don't even try to pay any attention to the basics of municipal government.
And it shows more eery day.
One-thrid the number of murders as New York year after year?
These people spend ALL their time and lots of our money funding someone else's dreams and schemes.
Kc government is a joke among counties and cities in the metro. And for good reason.

Pootie Tang said...

Dirty D u cracker road running mother fucker......

Pootie Tang said...

Da Toy Train ain't shit. Get Cindy to pose for Tony Spics is hard.....