Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tips For Turning Off Smartphone Warnings: Kansas City Amber Alert Abuse?!?!

Here's case with little info and people you probably aren't going to find . . . Amber Alert issued for teenager that may be in the KC metro area

Again, Amber alerts on the news are important and worth a look . . . On smartphones they're intrusive, a waste of time and part of the growing tech effort that wants users to lease and not own their technology . . . Here is info to decide who p0wnz your phone:

CNET: How to turn off emergency alerts on your phone

Opt-in is more important than most users realize.


Anonymous said...

Amber alerts, Silver Alerts if that fucker can't do booty alerts then fuck it I don't need it.
Well ok if it does Byron alerts then maybe it might be worth something.

Anonymous said...

I need an alert that tells me I need to pack a second mag if in heading to the plaza.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know emergency alerts were enabled on my phone until the stupid thing went crazy last night. Now Amber is turned off but I notice there's a Presidential Alert that I can't turn off and two warning levels above Amber but neither is Plaza Alert level. Now that would be useful.

Anonymous said...

Those amber and silver alerts are our chance to act like a community and maybe make a difference in the outcome. Try to imagine how you would feel if it were your family member missing and have some respect. But not saying that a Plaza Alert wouldn't be nice.

Anonymous said...

She's Hispanic Tony, sooo no talking shit on kidnapped hispanics?..... only crackers.