Monday, February 10, 2014

The Kansas City Monday Morning Collection

Lucy Pinder, Lucy Collett, Rhian Sugden, Sophie Reade, India Reynolds and Holly Peers inspire this early morning link collection . . .

- More Snow AND CRAPPY STREETS For Kansas City . . . And School Cancellations

- Show-Me Cruelty: Mo. targets developmentally disabled wait list

- Dead Tree Media Seems Depressed: Recession-battered Americans wonder: Has recovery sputtered, or are better days ahead?

- Lesson In Surveillance Tech: Check The Kansas Finger Print Plan

- City Manager Troy Seyz: "Due to worsening weather conditions, @kcmo road crews will focus on maintaining arterial and collector streets.

- 2nd String Hype: Alex Smith raves about Kansas City Chiefs' potential

- Nice Decorations Before They Tear It Down: Theme water gardens showcased at the American Royal

- Kansas City Snow Plow Map Just For Giggles

- Killer Beauty Queen: Miss Kansas bags buck during bow hunt

- Tech Across The State Line: Register now for the TEDxWyandotte Event


As always, consider this the early OPEN THREAD for all things important and otherwise AWESOME . . . More in a bit . . .


Anonymous said...

Why won't this city council grow a pair and fire Troy? Is his incompetent PW director back from Spain yet?

Cleavon Little said...

Ted Talks WyCo version!!???
Can't wait to hear what innovations come out of that think tank!!!

Anonymous said...

The Polar Bear will comment at 10:00 am today.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The KCMO council doesn't fire Schulte or any of the other incompetents, because they really know care or even know what's really going on around the city. Their "plan" for pretty much everything is to contract out their responsiblities to some nonprofit, consultant, or someone else and to make grand announcements without any followup as to what actually happened.
Water services, code enforcement, police, and pretty much everything else is handled the same way.
Just wait to see how the streetcar fiasco turns out!

Anonymous said...

Don't bother wasting your money on TED

Anonymous said...

Why isnt Sophie Sassafras in there? Yeah,

Anonymous said...

Sophie is a non profit