Thursday, February 06, 2014


A report after the fact puts the blame on MGE for the Kansas City Country Club Plaza blast.

Check it:

KSHB: MPSC: MGE violated rules in JJ's fire

KMBC: Commission files complaint against MGE in fatal explosion at restaurant

KCTV5: State investigators said Thursday that Missouri Gas Energy personnel wasted too much time before a gas explosion rocked a Country Club Plaza restaurant a year ago.

KC Biz Journal: Missouri Gas Energy did not conduct effective leak investigations. The Missouri Public Service Commission noted in the report that too much time had elapsed — about 32 minutes — between the time MGE personnel arrived at the location and the beginning of their leak investigation.

KCUR: The gas company violated its own safety rules that lead to an explosion that killed one woman and injured more than a dozen others and it should be fined, the 125-page report said.

This should make Kansas City residents feel safer given that immediately after the blast everybody blamed an old and busted fax machine at City Hall for the fatal inferno.

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Anonymous said...

MGE staff acted slowly to turn off the gas because most of the time they can locate and repair the problem, without being inconvenienced and taking the time to put safety first.

It's like a dog owner who neglects to provide a safe environment/food/water for their animal during extreme cold weather, because most of the time the dog will manage to survive.

But just as the dog which dies, sometimes a gas line explodes!!!

Anonymous said...

The Commission is so full of shit on so many levels it isn't funny.

What purpose is a state utilities commission when it writes rules, assimilated into state law, that punish consumers but can't seem to write safety law and enforce it on the utilities. For Christ sakes! The issue should not be whether MGE followed it's own safety rules. The issue should be why the hell has the commission not written safety law that affects the utilities procedures? Here we have requirements for gas consumers premises to be inspected after gas shut off, but nothing that the commission authors requires these companies or their contractors work to be inspected during or after it is done. This is complete dereliction of responsibility on the Commissions part. The idea that the Commission can complain that MGE didn't follow their in house rules while the jackasses at the commission fail to write safety criteria is just a total "Cover Your Ass" stunt by the Utilities Commission.

Anonymous said...

The rest of us didn't need a "report" to tell us that the MGE are a bunch of lazy fuckwits that kill people because they had to get off their lazy fat asses and do some real work!

Anonymous said...

What about the fireman who is, you know, trained in such things but told everybody it was fine and left the scene? Despite the smell of gas so strong people by the Record Bar could smell it.

Anonymous said...

Easy 5:04. Nothing and nobody blames KCFD for anything. Move along.

Westport Trucky said...

Well I will say the KCFD fucked up as bad as MGE did. Hell even Sly knows they did. Doubt the big ape has the balls to admit it.

Anonymous said...

KCFD knew something was wrong and unassed the area at a high rate of speed. Northbound and down, suppers waitin' boys.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of idiots you people are! Westport flunky, get a fucking job and quit posting shit on something you have no clue about!

Anonymous said...

ask about the fire captain that had to go back and change his report about the call..have more of a clue than you think.

Anonymous said...

6:14 I take it your a fireman. I was merely paraphrasing people being interviewed on the news that day. I have more than one degree and a job that is not in Westport. A guy who stopped for a drink at JJ's left on his own because of the overpowering smell of gas. Yet a fireman tells people they are fine in this situation? This is nothing more than the city trying to cover shit up and avoid lawsuits and everyone knows it. It's obvious as can be. And before you get even more offended and take it more personally for some reason, I'm not blaming the entire department or saying they are all bad. It's just that the who has been trained for situations like this needs to rise to the occasion and make the right calls. You smell gas, you get the hell out. Simple as that.

Pootie Tang said...

Pootie Tang says let the Plaza burn. Sell liquor at the Troost Aldi, and fuck the Toy Train. Pootie for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Pootie I have the respect for you. Your the only fucker that could run Byron off. Good job Pootie. Now if you can stop the Train. I support your candidate for mayor.

Anonymous said...

POOTIE's Musical Advice column:

RE: Plaza
FIRE by The Ohio Players

RE: Toy Train
Burning Down the House by Talking Heads

RE: Liquor at Troost Aldi
Celebration by Kool and the Gang

RE: Pootie For Mayor
If You Want Me To Stay by Sly and the Family Stone

Westport Trucky said...
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Westport Trucky said...

6:14 I bet my education out weighs yours in making the call that KCFD fucked up. Now go back to your station and STFU.

I know this guy he is the best firefighter around
and if you want to argue with that I will stand my ground.

This guy has made fighting fire a lot of fun
this guy has taught me when and when not to run.

He is a guy you can always single out
because he is always first in and last out.

He is the guy you want on every call
because to tell you the truth I think this guy knows it all.

This guy he is not selfish at all he will teach you all his
knowledge so you can do your best on each and every call.

This firefighter is my Father

Anonymous said...

Be as it may, the KCFD was afraid and that was why the pussies hauled ass out of there leaving everyone else behind.