Tuesday, February 18, 2014

SNAP Takes Aim @ Missouri Private School Tax Credits Under Consideration

While public schools across the nation are failing . . . A Missouri question about tax breaks for private schools has generated more than a bit of disagreement . . .

STL Post-Dispatch: Catholic leaders, public school supporters disagree on Missouri tax credit proposal

Recently, SNAP brought their experience to the debate:

SNAP urges caution on Catholic petition drive

Their argument:

"There is more openness and more accountability in public schools than private schools. And there's less incentive to ignore or conceal child sex crimes in public schools than private schools.

"First, law enforcement and fiscal authorities can more readily and easily audit and investigate public schools than private schools.

"Second, citizens and journalists can better gain access to records in public schools than private schools.

"Third, public school parents can attend and speak at regular, public school board meetings. They can oust board members, back other candidates, and run for those positions themselves."

The main point:

"In our experience, there are far fewer cover ups of crimes against kids in public schools than private ones."

In Kansas City, public school danger doesn't end with molestation but this missive certainly offers an important perspective on the challenges that face parents along with a reminder that students/scholars really aren't safe anywhere . . . Which is kind of the real lesson.

Developing . . .

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Anonymous said...

This is such total bullshit. Thank you SNAP for finally admitting that you don't give a rat's ass about public school kids or frankly Catholic kids. It's about getting your wallet stuffed by your lawyer pals. Studies have shown kids are 100x more likely to be abused in a public school but you barely notice because there is no money to be made there since your lawyer friends can't sue the schools. So instead you continue to pound on the Catholic schools that have the most extensive and public protection systems of any school system in the US. Just go to any public or Catholic school website. You would rather these kids rot, learn nothing and be abused in a KCMO public school just so you can maintain your false narrative that Catholic schools are not safe. Shame on you.