Friday, February 07, 2014


We don't brag. That's for noobs.

Instead we show and prove.

No big, bold, red type on this one . . . Just consider this a bit of an early morning mission statement for our most dedicated and kick-ass readers.

Anyhoo . . .

Here's a quick compilation of this blog community contributing to the Kansas City discourse and the many, many thousands of people (and sometimes more) who visit this blog every damn day:

Dead Tree Media is delivering this story to their readers today: Kaplan's Fabrics will close on the Country Club Plaza

We had a, funny, stupid and interesting discussion on the topic of Kaplan's last weekend.

A story about charity taxis . . . KC Council paves way for new charitable taxi for blind and elderly

We discussed the implications of this move back when it was still in committee.

Here's a really great write-up and story regarding a discrimination complaint in Meth Town: Damages awarded to AutoZone employee in sexual harassment lawsuit

We talked about the implications of the verdict two days ago.

Garrett Haake did an EXCELLENT job with this important campaign news: KC 2016 RNC fundraiser announced . . . Around the same time, we talked about the behind the scenes players on the topic.

Back in the early stages of the blog we used to get upset when we didn't get linked but now stories start here so often that it's kind of cool to watch a conversation start here and then really take off throughout Kansas City . . . Again, not bragging even though a bit of self-promotion is part of the media game like it or not. We also like to try and serve as a resource and we're STILL trying to teach Internets denizens about the connected nature of the web despite so many failed efforts to create walled-gardens whether they're social media, app-based or otherwise.


Like it or not, it's also a creative writing exercise.

We all share our love of hotties . . . Or at least those of us with a pulse.

And we don't just tolerate, we dominate our haters by enduring and moving forward while they remain stuck in the past. And let's not forget we couldn't do any of this without KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTERS!!!

We never want the news or the conversation to stop and THIS isn't some cheesy Jay Leno monologue . . . To paraphrase one of our philosophy heroes - KRS-ONE. . . This is just one post out of many, like a piggy bank, this is one penny.

More in a bit.


Anonymous said...

I read




Anonymous said...

Tony ... How about a little "Donate Here" button?

I would gladly support your effort with $$$ if there was an Easy way to do it.


Byron Funkhouser said...

There are no walled gardens on the web. If I'm in West Virginia & you're in Missouri, where are we?!

Keep up the good work Tony.

Anonymous said...

I second 6:31. Would gladly donate to support the site. Tony, you are a good man and provide a valuable service - thank you for all that you do.

Anonymous said...

I won't give you a fucking penny, but I will suck your titties.

Anonymous said...

Yes great blog, be even better if that asshole from WV stay the fuck out of out business.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I remember the Kaplan's discussion. Linking it to flash mobs? I don't see how anyone couldn't be laughing out loud while typing that in.

But as you know, this blog is CLEARLY full of made up "insiders," nameless non-existent sources, BS, lies and slander.

It certainly is a creative writing exercise...a work of fiction mostly.

Remember that Plaza Flash Mob thing we fooled you on?

We do.

Your anti-city, anti-progress agenda? This place is worse than Fox News when it comes to having an agenda.

Also they don't call you Colonel Slanders for nothing. That's all on the record.

But mostly there is always more and it is always worse. Your reputation is in the gutter around town and you're either too dumb or too much in love with yourself to notice.

It's going to be fun to watch it all implode.

Anonymous said...

Byron shut the fuck up. Ass sucking loser. How did you get on the web from jail? It's been nice here in Beanerland without your stupid comments. Stay away Byron. You suck !

Burbanite said...

7:29 you got over on the fat bastard ? LOL. I don't know that I would brag about that. That's like stealing candy from a 3rd grader. We read TKC daily to find out about fabric shops closing and when we can ride the streetcar to Waldo.

Anonymous said...

I like Byron.

Hate the racists.

Tired of the cum guy.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is outdated and old fashioned.

At least try a new template.

100% American For What is Right said...

7:29 is another blogger I bet who thinks they are king. King of what? Nothing that is what. It's one thing to make silly jokes and puns about stories, but to call out someone on slander while hiding who you are is in deed slander. If you are somebody who has their facts and knows them to be right then say who you are and what you have. I have never seen Tony crawl away from the truth. If not then shut up and crawl back to your hole and write stupid shit to post on your own shit hole site. Oh by the way I will say I am sorry for saying this if you say who you are and what your hard on for Tony is. Doubt you will bitch.

Anonymous said...

@7:29 must be from KCC

Anonymous said...

what the fuck is KCC ? Does it have anything to do with the fucking polar bear ?

Anonymous said...

well 8:25 they both stink and shit out a lot of worthless nothing. but the bear shit could be used as fertilizer so guess that makes it worth more.

jodi hi-roller said...

no 729 has been posting for a while. i think hes a hipster who thinks a toy train is progress. the list of top under 30 people in kc made most bigots who read this blog shit themselves, as i recall. sure theres a good deal of racism pandering, but i think this guy is just a tony h8r cuz hes on the toy trains dick and tonys not. big whoop.

Anonymous said...

The REAL reason folks come to this sorry excuse for a blog:
1. They are so desperate this is the only place they can get their adolescent boy fix from your constant copying of girly photos.
2. You let the most blatant racists rant in the comments even though they undoubtedly don't realize they are singing the praises of someone not white/male who writes on the blog.
3. Many of us come here for the constant laughs because only you and a very small number of idiots take what you think is "breaking news" as actual news. Your blog is so bad it's hilarious. Keep up the laughs dumbass.

Anonymous said...

yep. Everyone just LOVES to read about the fabric shops where tony's mom buys his clothes. I for one come here to laugh at the author - pure comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

Hate it! Won't stop reading it.

Anonymous said...

My Mom use to shop there, I would get dragged along as a kid have to stand in there while she jabbered about stuff and visited, I fucking hated it. About every other visit then had to be dragged to Steve's shoes for more pain and suffering. I so fucking hated the Plaza as a kid.

Anonymous said...

Well KCC can huff and puff all they want Tony beats them in hits so who cares what they think.

KCC will soon be added to HC list of failures. Must really suck to fire yourself.

Anonymous said...

KCC sure has a lot of people who have failed over there. Sad part is they fail again with almost every story written, has to be depressing. I would find it a very heavy weight to carry on my shoulders looking in the mirror each morning and while looking at myself knowing another crappy story was about to come from me. Oh for the love of God, hand me a gun so I can end it all, the pain and suffering is driving me mad.

Anonymous said...

I come here for the COMEDY!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you don't like the blog and find it irrelevant then the only reason you are commenting on it is that you are a troll. You probably already knew that, but just in case, I thought I would point out the obvious.

Lou Paloma said...

There's really no Byron Funkface. It's Gloria Squitiros alter ego.

Pootie Tang said...

Pootie Tang told KCC to fuck off. Pootie was a loyal TKC pimp. My ho's only read TKC. Well dey looks at the photos.

Anonymous said...

Love how idiots go off topic. Fuck you punks