Thursday, February 27, 2014


KMBC offers reporting on a fact that beguiles hip-hop artists AND the old school white guys who hate their music: KU study find blacks more often pulled over than whites


Anonymous said...

Duh, it's because niggers break the law much more than humans. Next.

Anonymous said...

They do it to themselves. For whatever reason they don't like to wear seat belts, giving cops a reason to pull them over. The three year old fake temporary tags don't help either. Neither does the smell of weed wafting from the car. They really should be pulled over more for driving 55mph in the fucking passing lane and staying there. What is that about? Pisses me off to no end. And like the poster above noted, they break the law more. If you don't believe me look at murder and rape statistics. Look at who is in prison. They do it to themselves. They put themselves behind the 8-ball of life in every way possible whether it is dropping out of school or having kids at 15, they do it to themselves. And have nobody to blame but themselves. Whitey didn't make them go on welfare for generations.

chuck said...

No shit dumbazzes. Who paid for this study? African American crime is dramitically dissproportionate to the population in general and it is not just jay walking, it is violent crime. Yet after that fact is pounded into the psyche of cops in real time situations in a Pavlovian nightmare they live every day, we are expected to not only condem the cops for doing there job, but as a society suffer an increase in violent crime so as not to upset the sensabilities of the African American community.

Sorry about your daughter getting raped, but we needed to stop some old white ladies and issue tickets for jay walking, you know that "Stop and frisk" strategy really pisses off the Revs and that voting block of slugs who vote for a living and re elect the other slugs who are in office.

After your little girl gets out of the hospital lets have a beer summit so you can feel guilty about profiling the criminals that need to be profiled in order to decrease crime.

Your guilt is what makes this city a shithole. Your guilt is what got your little girl raped. Your guilt is what put those pooliticians in office. Your guilt is what is killing common sense and the rule of law in urban areas. Your guilt is what pays the salaries and continues the sinecure of fed, state and local bureaucrats who in turn make it impossible to police the streets, your guilt is responible for the dead, maimed, injured in the streets and the destruction of our cities, your guilt is what makes any and all conversations about law enforcement with regard to the African American community seem like it is taking place in another dimension with Rod Serrling.

Hope your little girl gets better, but when and if she does, it actually is her fault. Be sure and tell her.

cml said...

Only in the newAmerica would police be asked to ignore criminals and harass citizens

Pootie Tang said...

Iz bez black anz Iz hatez Hippy Hoppy. Pimpz anz der ho's dont lizen to dat chit. Hippy Hoppy iz beaner muzic.

Anonymous said...

When black commit 4 times the number of crimes as whites while only making up 13% of the population you can understand why you would pull them over. It not rocket science. Pull over a black and you have stopped a criminal act.

Anonymous said...

i think peggy dunn and the leawood cops prefer to pull over latinos actually. has anyone ever gone to traffic court in leawood and not been the only white person there?

also chuck a big fuck you to you this morning.

just a quick reminder that there is not such thing as american exceptionalism, and your grandchildren will be made to pay reparations for the damage you and your generation (1870-90) have done to the environment, the native americans land which you stole in war, and the african slavery on which the new world was built.

you are a good for nothing and again, please just go jump off a tall building or tie a brick to your legs and jump in the river.

Westport Trucky said...

Hell where I live whites get pulled over more than blacks do. But then we same as have no blacks here. Go over about 2 miles and it's a whole different story. Cops pull over who ever they think they can write a ticket to or they think are up to something. Fuck I am white and get pulled over in Mission Hills. Maybe I should sue the city of Mission Hills for stopping me because I look poor.

Anonymous said...

9:50 sure stinks of Byron.

Anonymous said...

No surprise here. 9 out of 10 times they probably have warrants out for them too. When will people wake up and realize that they can never be fully civilized. said...


The slaves brought to the New World by Arabs who bought them from blacks in Africa MIGHT owe you some moeny, although I can't imagine why the descendents of those slaves would want to live in the fuckin Congo under the yoke of bronze age civilizations run by retarded sub human animals.

If you want to know the truth about slavery, you idiot cretin, then read this and thank your lucky stars your bloodline is here.

REPARATIONS? You mean like the dozens of TRILLIONS of dollars pissed down a fucking rat hole since the Civil Rights Garbage Scow pulled into port? Government programs by the thousands, Affirmative Action, entitlments by the hundreds of bilions each year to "Even the Playing Field"? THOSE reparations? Go fuck yourself, the sell by date on your narrative and your entitlment has expired.

No one owes you fucking shit and when you come to get it, remember this, you will have to fight for it straight up, it won't be like the "Knock Out" game.

You'll be fucking meat.

Read the links asshole, be grateful for the truth, it will set you free.

cml said...

My ancestors fought on the union side. I want money too.

9:50 is lucky to be here instead of Africa
We were here fought and died for them.

They are not getting shit from me

Anonymous said...

How many hunkys do you see driving down the street in a broken down caddy with a chrome 45 in one hand, a bottle of gin in the other and white powder under their nose? Fuck folks this ain't rocket science.

How many college students does it take to finish a third grade crime study?

Anonymous said...

The whole School