Monday, February 03, 2014

Rosie Jones And Kansas City Workday Links

Rosie Jones begins our peek at Kansas City mainstream media links right now . . .

- Kansas City Murder Mystery In The Stix: Cause of KC woman's mid-Missouri death remains unclear

- There Is No Such Thing As A Little Landslide: Poll shows Brownback leading in Kansas, but under 50 percent

- Show-Me The Union Killer: Missouri House panel hears bill limiting union fees

- Bad Junk In Kansas City: Dead Tree Media Junkie Reporting And Picking Up On Last Year's Trend

- Boing Boing Puts A Missouri Execution Case In Perspective: Missouri Executed This Man While His Appeal Was Pending in Court

- New York Times Mention Of Gov. Jay And Sam: Battles Loom in Many States Over What to Do With Budget Surpluses

- Kicking Off The Season With A Contest Betwixt Losers: Chiefs-Broncos to open 2014 season?

- Kansas City Super Bowl Watching Habits By The Numbers From The Pitch

- MUST SEE!!! Perfect Village Skating Doggie

- Golden Ghetto Doggie Inconvenience: OP animal control unavailable on weekend

- Suspicious MSM Story Title: Drive-by ribbing WTF?!?!

- Get Ready For The Big One: 2nd earthquake in weeks hits Kansas . . . February is Earthquake Awareness Month in Missouri

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Anonymous said...

I have no complaints about Rosie.





Anonymous said...

Keep fracking away, you couldn't find a more dangerous way to get oil. If it isn't contaminating ground water for 100 years+ it's moving the the underground plates. Trust me I'm all for US oil, but it's all being exported to China right out of the midwest, and all we get is cancer and earthquakes.

Anonymous said...

Here is a tip. Jay Nixon is running for vice-president in 2016 and if Hillary gets the nomination, she be stupid not to pick him rather than a woman as VP or a minority. Jay on the ticket could attrack a lot of red staters.

Anonymous said...

The Broncos winning the Super Bowl.
KC getting the Republican Convention.
Nixon getting the VP nod.
All equally likely.

Anonymous said...

Great, a crazy bitch running for President then picking another crazy bitch for her vice president.

Anonymous said...

Those are some really nice breasts. Bet my dog would love them in his heated Dogloo.

Anonymous said...

5:45 your ole lady told me only reason your dogloo is heated is because she makes your ass sleep in it a lot.

Anonymous said...

I think we should all put aside our differences and give thanks for appreciation to TKC while bringing Rosie Jones into our frosty & snow covered lives.

Anonymous said...

Chiefs - Broncos? What a couple of loser teams. Couldn't be a better match up to see who can cry the loudest after getting beat AGAIN!