Saturday, February 15, 2014

Remembering The Real Kansas City Natives

KCUR digs a bit deeper to get the real history of this town and not just the scrap-booking of a few prominent Irish families: The History Of The Native Peoples Of The Kansas City Region


ChiefBigChewRedman said...

...excerpt from "Proud To Be Plain"

My tribe are proud descendants of the original people of this area...The Plain People.

The Plain People migrated to this region in search of greener pastures (literally) after trekking eastward from The Land of Frozen Feet.

The men were hunters and fisherman, while the women were farmers and keepers of the animals. An average man was 7 feet tall and weighed 305 pounds, while the women stood 6 feet, 181 pounds, at 40-26-36. They were nudists except for the harsh winters, when they would don the animal skins for warmth. They lived in small communal groups called pods (Plains of the pod....which eventually became P's in a pod).

They domesticated the Mastodons and used them for transport and to attack their rivals.

Anonymous said...

There are no Native Americans.

Those tribes are really just the first immigrants...who came from Asia.

Anonymous said...

sounds plausible.