Friday, February 14, 2014

No More Second Chances For The KCPS?!?!?

Show-Me blog offers a lesson in transition that might await the KCPS: "Change is difficult, but after decades of failure from the St. Louis and Kansas City school districts, who can seriously argue that they deserve one more chance? It is more likely that school boards are more interested in protecting their own interests than meeting the needs of Missouri families."


Anonymous said...

Mow-She Institute EPIC FAIL OMG hahahah source boondoggle

Anonymous said...

We have already witnessed the LONGEST change in the history of education. scourge and burn and move on.

Anonymous said...

KCPS hasn't been about educating young people for decades and the folks who have been at the trough all these years aren't about to let go without a big fight.
Contractos, consultants, grifters, hangers-on, community activists, and all the rest, have used the district as a trough of public money with no accountability all this time.
Finally, there's at least a chance that the state can wipe the slate clean and begin to try to save the next generation.
But do they have the guts?